Racetrack lap counter

I am working on a racetrack inspired by the old school game Destruction Derby 2.
I was near completion, but i got a new idea and ofcourse i want to work it out.

I remember there was a huge map with a racetrack in it. You could spawn some sort of beacon and weld it to your car contraption. This beacon allowes you to race with other players, and kept track of who won the race. I don’t remember which map that was. Maybe someone does?

Well, now i want that too in my map. I can’t quite figure this out by myself. What entities should i use, and how do i set them up? Triggers on the start/finish line, func_physbox as a beacon, filters, counters… i don’t really know what to use, let alone, how to set it up.

Help is greatly appriciated!

Thanks in advance.

Trigger multiple, and a math_counter.

The map was gm_mobenix. Hope this helps.

Allright, thanks :slight_smile:

That map is awesome.