Rachel (DOA5U) in Gmod already, but needs to be fixed up

I was finally able to convince Gagem to release one of his models for being used beyond just “D.I.D” fetish pictures: Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series, as she appears in DOA5: Ultimate. Unfortunetley the one he gave me is really bugged up. Not sure if he did this on purpose or if there’s really something wrong with it.

When I spawn it, it appears as just a head, and the head just suddenly rolls to the side and dissapears. On top of that, the face is all distorted, possibly a faceposer error?

Here’s the link he gave me:

was totally going to use it for a Ninja Gaiden themed shot, too…

Here’s how the model is supposed to look:

Is this another one of those pirated gmod users?

Nope, my copy’s legitimate, bought it in 2009. No idea why it would do this.

Can someone else test out the model to confirm it’s not just me?

Tell you what:

Presuming that this link here works in about 12 hours’ time, I’ll just port Rachel to SFM myself. ETA to getting her fully working in SFM with semi-decent materials, full finger- and face-posing, is 2 hours, once I start. It is currently 12:50AM for me, so I am expecting to get this done by 3:00PM.

That way you and I will know that it works properly and is of a decent quality. Then we can figure something out for getting her into Gmod (I don’t bother compiling for Gmod; too much work goes into something I’d never use).

As to why I decided to do this on a whim: It’s been a while since I’ve ported something from XNALara, longer yet since I released something publicly, and several times longer since I released anything here. I feel like I should be useful here, even if people will question the nature of the port.

Oh wow. That’s…very generous of you! Thanks!

-Also I just remembered, When I tried to spawn the Rachel model that Gagem gave me, my framerate dropped big-time, and the “Something is creating script errors” warning appeared.

I dunno, maybe his models only really work for his rig somehow?

gmod4ever, thank you for your comment and maybe one day, well see a model of her comes to gmod by you.

So I had other things to do today. However, I did get some progress:


As you can see, her eyes are buggered. Squiddy and I are currently working on finding out why. We’ve exhausted all of the common problems.

Beyond that, I need to finalize the texture problems (her legs are the wrong texture currently), fix the faceposing (her eyelashes don’t move with her eyelids), collapse down the bones (she has 209 active bones right now; the Orange Box has a limit of 128. She is compiled to SFM right now), and then add jigglebones wherever they need to be.

Getting her into Garry’s Mod can be someone else’s problem. I don’t fuck with collision models anymore. They always end badly.

Looks amazing so far, can’t wait!

man nice work dude, when i downlode the model that was on this page, i was freeked out of how it was only the head. like it was cut off and was given with no body. is she going to have skin group and can inflate or deflate her chest ?just want to know. oh and i see the part about faceposing being worked on. so just the other two are eyeposing and hand posing.

I’m glad that it isn’t just me having problems with Gagem’s model. Now I know the problem is with the model itself.


My name has been spoken three times, I suppose I should post now.

For those of you who don’t know Ryu-Gi has been a huge pain in the ass for me on these forums. Name calling, posting my pics, hatehatehate. I know there are a few of you that share these sentiments but he’s been the worst. I’ve also seen him do questionable shit using multiple accounts. Simply put, I just don’t like the guy. So when he had the audacity to ask me for Rachel on my DA, I gave him Rachel alright.

Sorry that he dragged the FP community into this prank but that first sentence made everything totally worth it. “I was finally able to convince Gagem…” Glorious. I know that at some point I pissed in Rinfect’s cheerios too because he hates me although I’ve never even talked to him, so that ‘dumb’ rating he gave the OP was the cherry on top. Thank you both. And it wasn’t all that bad right? Looks like you all are getting a Rachel model for SFM now :quagmire:

Anyway, since Ryu-Gi forgot to post one of my pics this time I’ll do it for him.

i have seen a costume of rachel in dead or alive 5 ultimate that looked like this

is it going to be with this model as a skingroup ?

wanna know why he didnt post your picture?


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only good picture is the one thats not some fetish freak shit

Yay Rinfect posted!

1/10 though, you suck at this =/

suck at what :v:

It’s ok, I’ll always have Ryu-gi <3

(sighs) To be quite honest, Mr. Gagem, my first thought was that you were pulling my leg when I saw the model you had given me.

But, part of me wanted to believe in the best of humanity and all that, so I decided to believe in the idea that it had simply been a mistake. A theory which has been, with some pointed aggression, proven false.

Overall, I’m not mad, just disappointed.

I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, sir. That was never my intention. I never really meant the things I said about you in the past, I was just covering up tracks at the time.

Looking on the bright side of things though, we have someone who decided to step up to the plate in your stead; “Gmod4Ever”. Now there’s a person I can rate “heart” legitimately and without any hint of irony.

But thank you for taking out of your own precious time, just for me.

atleast you didnt post his freak posegif thing here

I thought it in bad taste at the time. I’m aware of the types of things FP tends to be less tolerant of, and chose not to throw in something that would further aggravate my somewhat rocky relationship with this board.

Also, Rinfect, I think I should point out that I never meant you any offense either when I gave the NMH models to another instead of you; but starting off a request by calling someone a “fage” only to claim that you were referring to the brand of greek yogurt is hardly a mature way to go about things.

But I forgive you, and hope we can stop this little crusade that’s been going against me lately with the constant rating my posts as “dumb” regardless of the content.