Rachel from Ninja Gaiden

I requested this awhile back. In fact, QUITE A LONG TIME AGO, and now I’m desperate. D: I’ve been looking bloody EVERYWHERE, and I can’t find a single model of her! >_<

I’m looking for her Ninja Gaiden: Black version, to be exact. I’m begging you! Help meeee!! O_o

I’d be extremely grateful if one you fine people could get one to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

You might want to post a reference picture. Some individuals might not know what that character looks like and may need something to go by if they decide to take it up.

I support this.

Oops! I thought I did post a reference picture! xD

Here’s one! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1T4ZbkqoUMA/SOzHJ6__DDI/AAAAAAAAA6c/HqNHr8TKNwQ/s400/Ninja%20Gaiden%20Rachel%20Breasts%20(1).jpg

And here’s another! http://www.videogamegirlsdb.com/Images/Ninja_Gaiden/Rachel/Rachel_NG2S_10.jpg

Oy Vey…what exactly do you plan on doing with those he said fearfully?

I can say there will defintely be sexposes. :v:

Psh! :stuck_out_tongue: Not exactly! I’m making a Ninja Gaiden GMOD machinima. :slight_smile: PLus I just looooove Rachel! :slight_smile:

Not exactly…meaning that it’s still a possibility in your free time. :quagmire:

In any case, I support this.

In this case it means no. xD

But yay! :slight_smile:

Also! If anyone could rip Rachel and her hammer directly from the game, that would be awesome! :smiley:

i dont think there is currently any models of her ripped yet but i support this too if someone could rip the ninja gaiden models :smiley:

i would love to see her sex pose “OH so Yummy!”

Well, mariokart64n ripped Ryu Hayabusa and posted it somewhere… I have the link lying around, I just need to find it! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I don’t understand why there aren’t any Ninja Gaiden ragdolls or models. (outside of that lone NG1 Ryu Hayabusa) :confused:

I’m not 100% sure (and can’t check because the site is currently down), but I think I’ve seen that model as a ragdoll on garrysmod.org. It lacked finger and eye posing from what I can remember, though.

For those who need references but are too lazy to click the links the dude posted, here’s one.

Thanks, Joyful Mystery! :smiley:

heres some news update, I just found out that there IS a model of Rachel thats been ripped for XNAlara but only in its alpha version and is pretty much useless. The WIP is currently not active but if someone could port her over to gmod it would work since i heard its been done before.



here at facepunch, we don’t like those text emotes. prepare for being called dumb and a 12 year old

way to bump, I didn’t even notice the thread date :v: