Racing Gamemode??

Hi, Im originally an rp coder and mapper and have helped in making many rp, darkrp, literp, and one perp server and am looking to broaden my skills and am considering making a new racing gamemode and running it on my own server instead of the darkrp mode i have now.

I know there is already gm racing but it sucks and nobody uses it.

I am proposing a gamemode consisting of a new map (which i will create) which will consist of many different tracks (drag, curcuit, nascar) layed out around a city. this gamemode will be based around roleplaying still and ill probably rewrite it from my old rp scripts. but in this rp your main money source will come from racing other players. it will work like regular rp with citizens and cops/paramedics/firemen/tow/drivers and custom jobs but you would buy/sell cars at a dealer npc like in perp so that its always available unlike rp. but the only problem i got is i dont want to spend the time creating this for it to bomb at the release. so im just wondering if there are people here who would be interested in a rp racing gamemode?

I’d be interested. Something similar to drift city but with open world races, inb4 griefing.

Me to :stuck_out_tongue:

GM Racing isn’t that bad tho. I had a fun time long time ago when I played it. But it would be nice seeing a new racing gamemode tho.

Maybe have a look at
I’m sure that could be made to work with Scars or something similar.

Yeah thats more mario kart theme. im thinking of cars like the more advanced perp style (audi r8, lamborgini, nissan skyline, etc) and people would have the ability to race, street race or just regular roleplay.

I considered and attempted something similar myself except without the rp aspects. You main problem will be getting the cars to function properly and smoothly (tweaking and shit). Don’t think you’d be able to use scars and you would need different skins and models.

not planning on using scars, nothing but trouble for public servers. ive run cars on my rp servers before. i know exactly how im doing this wasnt asking for troubleshooting i was just asking who would be interested in it. but thanks for your imput. :slight_smile:

I would not play it, The nain reason being that there are so many “serious” racing games already out there in proper gaming whereas something like GCart is generally fun and does not have to abide by “serious” standards whereas your gamemode would have to.