Racing in Gmod


Ill say upfront that I do not own Gmod, but did play it a lot when it was a mod back in the day.

Someone told me that due to Gmod’s openess in design, players can race in cars online but on occassion suffer to lag and performance issues. Is this remotely true? I looked up several Youtube videos and Gmod racing looks very… Not the best.

Also, is there a community of people who play Gmod for the RP and racing alone?


There are hundreds of Garry’s Mod communities for RP. Most if not all are run by twelve year olds, or are just plain shitty.

I don’t believe there are any communities just for racing, but hey, there are car packs you can use, and you can host your own server.


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you can get kunos cars. their OK just dont use 1st person veiw for most of the cars because you cant see over the dashboard.

There’s gmod racer on Exiled Servers.

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