Racing Plane/Biplane

It’s really fun, I built it to fly through the tunnels on Trainconstruct. I had forgotten how much fin was.

Cruise speed: 65mph
Max speed (dive): 87mph
Stall speed: 40mph
Weight: 1.6 tons

I left the wire exposed because it looked kind of cool.

Failed pontoon version


Should have gotten the one where I was flying my wood plane next to you and shooting you :3. <3 you Karbeener.

aaaah. cute.
Takes me back to my old bi-plane.

criticismwise though, you should put more effort into your release stuff. Like, not only making them fun to fly/drive/poop/shoot around in, but like cool to look at, cause although this is cool, it could be better.

Good job none the less. <3

My stuffs cute too >_>

I tried making pontoon planes as well, they always fail because of the friction of the water. It just puts them into a nosedive when they should start skipping over it but don’t.

yeah, that was the problem, as well as trying to take off. it just nosedives into the water in a glorious failure.

Might be a way to simulate hydroplaning using something which pushes up on the pontoons in relation to speed, along with a water sensor.

yes, but that would take alot of wiring that alot of people (okay, me) don’t understand…

Good plane nonetheless, I never thought I would actually like something that was entirely made up of the explosive barrel material.

This plane looks great. I wouldn’t change anything in that regard.

Good video. You can always tell if an aircraft is finned because the pitch is never level – believe me, I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to balance this with realism in Gmod.

1377 kb.
I’m disappointed, 40 less next time.

yeah. I had it perfectly level, however i left it to pitch up during straight flight because when you bank, it would sink too much while yawing, so I left it able to pitch up a tad to counteract that.

looks great! cant wait to fly.

I admire you guys’ patience, as I have non at all. seriously i’d have to stop loads of times before completing this :(.

Also i love your plane, a couple of bombs strapped to it should do the job.

hmm. speedo reads faster then the specs you give.

it does? it shouldn’t be pulling more than 85-90 in a dive and 65-70 in STRAIGHT flight. well, the faster the better :V

If its on a server with weird physics settings it will go crazy fast, un-flyable on some.

In singleplayer it accelerates to 190+ mph and nose dives

you’ve got the physics mod on

source max speed is fuckin’ 113mph

The phys mod is installed but doesnt start enabled. Anyway how do you turn it off/ on while keeping it installed?

even if you have that shit on your server, it’s going to fuck with all of the forces.