I have an Idea. I think it’s rather good, but we’ll see how that goes.

Ok. The Gamemode is a deathrace. Not like the movie, with guns on cars. More like watermelons. Hear me out.

The track will be shown in watermelons on the side of the track, showing where you can drive. The watermelons will be partially normal melons, and the others will be either High Explosive watermelons, or Nuclear Melons. If you hit one, because they will be armed, they explode, killing you, and possibly everyone. So, if you like this idea, or have suggestions, please post. Otherwise, I’ll feel like an idiot for wasting server space.

You’d better be the one making it because if this is another “I R HAZ GAEMOD IDEAZ, CAN SUM1 MAEK 4 ME?” thread, I think I’m going to cry.

That aside, I do quite like the idea, please elaborate.

Well, I would need to find time to do it. But I could, at some point. And if someone could tell me a way to make the nuclear watermelons detonate when hit by a jeep, or other vehicle, rather than just being thrown, that would help.

And to elaborate, there will be a race track, with watermelons lined up on either side to act as a border. Certain watermelons will be High Explosive, and others will be the Atomic, or Nuclear, watermelon. The majority will be regular melons, but every time you hit one, there is a chance to explode in fiery doom. Most likely, it will be the jeep that will be used. Though, possibly, there could be an Airboat track, for added difficulty, as the airboat fishtails. Now, I’m off to research Lua, so as to be able to code…