I’ve been playing today and been called “nigger” by about six different people. This is ridiculous, is there anything that can be done about this? These skin colours seem like a poor decision.

No. Just no.

Sorry, patches can’t fix player bugs.

Just laugh at how sad and pathetic they are, block them, and if necessary, switch servers.

Please tell me how my post is dumb? If racism is OK, and after complaining the first time I was told “It’s 2015, people can call other people ‘nigger’”, then Rust isn’t a game I want to play. And I think that’s a shame because before the change with this skin colour patch, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on Rust. I just think this takes the game backwards.

Best not to add females either.

It would totally be sexist and cause inequality to have naked ladies in the game. Everyone knows female bodies are basically designed to be objects for sex, so they shouldn’t be in a game played by mostly men as it might make them too distracted. Which would be unfair. Also there are implications like, if we bash a women with a rock that’s totally perpetuating violence against women as a gender! It’s not the same as bashing a guy in the head with a rock of course. I am just all for equality that’s all.

Racism isn’t okay, but the game didn’t get worse, it just exposed people you’re playing with to be terrible people.

Rust didn’t introduce racism. Rust introduced skin tone diversity. Racism existed in the players, they just didn’t say anything because everyone was a white guy before now.

Because you said “These skin colours seem like a poor decision.” which is basically saying “The update caused racism.” and that by removing skin colour from the game that would be better somehow -and not cause racism. Because we deal with socially retarded and disgusting people by pandering to them apparently? Pretend skin colours don’t exist incase racist players get upset and speak out?

I’d think removing skin color and keeping shit strictly white would be more racist on the developer side? It’s the players who are saying derogatory shit, removing skin color to abide that would be sucky.

Heh, I appreciate what you’re saying. I actually liked the idea first, but my experience today has really soured the game for me. I find it very disappointing and though this may seem sensitive, actually quite hurtful. I may not be black but that doesn’t mean I can’t be offended.

So you want garry to capitulate to the racists and take skin colours out so they don’t have an excuse to talk shit?

Sounds like a reason to keep it in and give the racists’ worldview another rattling. Giving them what they want (re-eliminating racial distinction) doesn’t solve anything at all.

Also, this is Rust. If they’re trashy enough to call you a nigger in a video game because of a random skin selection, you can just cave their skull in with a rock for being offensive.

It’d be great to see a server full of variously-coloured bald dudes all teaming up to troll a group of racists and only kill them until they were driven from the server, but that’d take a bunch of work. If it’s on a community server, the admin might ban them, or the admin might not care/be a racist as well, so remember that you can always switch servers if shit is too awful in a given server.

It’s just people on the internet, leave the political correctness stuff behind. As elix said, you could just bash their head in with a rock (or w/e you have) if you don’t like what they’re saying. The update is fun and adds diversity to the players, we’re not clones anymore.

thing is, these idiots will harass women even when they have the white bald guy as their player model. it’s the ignorance of the people, not the color of the playermodel.

it’s unfortunate, but also not a matter of removing multicultural content, but rather having admins banning dipshits who can’t keep their mouths shut due to the excess flow of bigotry. we need to make it clear that it is unacceptable to speak like this, not adapt to their behavior.

Im black in the game. I cant wait to kill the racists. Something I cant do in the real world.

I’m black in game too. People kept shouting at me, and I murdered a bunch of dudes with a spear. Was awesome. There was talk in chat (and voice chat) of forming a KKK group, so I tried to start a Black Panthers movement, which sadly didn’t work out. If that’s not (a totally absurd, hilarious and entertaining version of) emergent gameplay, I’m not sure what is.

But yeah. I think the OP has a basic misunderstanding of how the internet operates. The devs and game have nothing to do with racism; that’s player fueled bullshit, and the people who do it are mostly harmless in real life. Anonymity leads the less mature, less intelligent among us to turn into half-retarded little animals (because they see no consequences for either party), and that’s something you’ll always deal with online.

These kids are going to get bored with this stuff before too long, and it’ll be business as usual (which really isn’t much better, sans being less racially offensive).

And full disclosure, I’m not white in real life.

Rust unofficial community rule #1: Always form temporary truces in order to team up and kill racists/other bigots, server-wide until they leave, if the majority of the server’s online population agree to it. Note: Community server admins run their own show and control their own place, this could get you banned there.

I still think that’d be an awesome meta-game, gang up on the racists and drive them to a different server, then go back to being civilized men [sp](women coming soon/eventually)[/sp] having a mature debate, only using spears and guns and rocks instead of words and corpse-looting instead of polite agreement.

However, that does kind of turn the game into “Rust: Where Racists and Racist-haters PVP”, which would not be good for the game, never mind what it’d do to the forums. This isn’t my best idea. :v:

The irony of this sentence… lol Sorry, couldn’t help myself but laughing at that.

But seriously, I’m black in game too and I couldn’t give a shit. Racists will be racist regardless. As previously mentioned, this just exposes them as being the subhuman morons they really are.

Give admins the ability to mute chat from players and that should help a little. I have heard plenty of racist stuff before this was implemented so this is not the cause of it, just brings it out a little more unfortunately.

FP needs to rethink this. Do they want Rust to be the game where racism is rampant, and people stop playing because there is so much verbal racism against blacks in the game.

It has nothing to do with right or wrong, or policing people. And saying “this is the internet” is not enough. If Facepunch creates a game environment where there are so many racial slurs and stereotypes being put out in chat, then they have to think if they want this. They have some responsibility because their actions have big effects on this issue.

I can just see the gaming media getting a hold of this and starting to run stories about how rampant racism is in Rust. Is that really good for the game?

At a minimum, FP should make a statement on this (if they are unwilling to do anything). They could even say something like, we know the issue is there, and we don’t support racism, but we want to keep it as an experiment, or something. But I expect them to wash their hands and do nothing because they care more about letting people do their thing, and very little about the fact that a lot of players will be unhappy because of all the racist comments being made by players. It is always easier to minimize the impact of racism, or pretend it doesn’t exist, or say there is nothing you can do about it.

Lastly, theoretically, I like the idea that people are all races in RUst. It sounds great as an idea. But if this creates an environment where players are constantly saying racist things in chat, then I am against this. Even being white, I think I would give up the game if what I am seeing in chat continues. I don’t need to listen to racism comments when I want to play a game. Maybe a way to turn off chat, or admin powers, could address this.

I was so disappointed for not being black in the game when I entered last day… being a pale asshole like I was before is not fun.

Humankind is what it is (shit), neither the internet or the game have any fault on that. If you quit the game cause of this, is because you want to live a lie. My only concern about this is, why are they implementing this late development feature when there are so many holes in the gameplay?

Funny how I can go to almost any other game and not have to listen to so many racist comments about black people. That is the problem. I would rather Rust not be the one game like this.

I know people are racist, but this brings out all their racist jokes and comments. It is not worth keeping this in there.