Racket Hosting

Whether you are just starting your community or are an established community, Racket Hosting is a great and cheap solution. With years of experience in the web hosting and game server industry, they can accurately and efficiently address your needs! With an in-house American-based support team, you know you’re getting hand-written responses. We stand backed behind our product 100%.

Where does Xenon Servers offer web hosting?
We utilize servers in the US for multiple locations such as:
*Seattle, Washington (West Coast)
*Dallas, Texas (Midwestern)
*Washington, D.C. (East Coast)

Okay, but how long will my account take to setup after payment?
Account creation is instant! Once we receive the payment, you receive your account details!

I don’t run a community, does this mean Racket Hosting isn’t for me?
Absolutely not! Our web hosting is for everyone, not just communities.

Okay, I’m hooked! Where do I sign up?
That’s web hosting at $4.95/month for this amazing package with the coupon “FREEDAY” you will get a discount, but remember its limited time.

P.S I’m a customer but I really believe in this hosting because they have always proven to me and The web servers, dedicated and VPS is under www.Rackethosting.com and the Game Servers are under www.Planetxgaming.com


Xenon Servers?

Copy n paste? lawl

Also your demo account lets me upload a dos shell…

He copied and pasted it from the Xenon Server Webhosting sale. They are Resellers.

I see…

and you’re also using an extremely overused free template



That’s pretty lame using my verbiage to sell your hosting… at least try to get the company name right next time.

I’ve checked over my associates work and I can truthfully say the equation does come out to bullshit times one thousand.

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Thanks for ripping my web hosting advertisement that I wrote word for word. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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This server is oversold to hell, 3000 users in /etc/passwd

Putting it out of its misery as we speak.

FFS, how many other people are going to use this fucking template for their website.

people who can’t afford to buy or develop an un-made one?

At least it’s not broken like the mad servers one was.