racoon city rp map

it a resident evil 2 and resident evil 3 rp map with minor and main buildings and you can go in them

What? I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

if you dont like this post dont reply

can u give the link to the map?

I’m not very sure what you are talking about, can you explain in greater detail please?

resident evil rpg maps and resident evil trilogy execpt survivor npcs and sweps

Wtf are you talking about

wow the rp map would be awsome!
but the survivor npc’s and ragdolls too!

i agree…

What about it? You’re making it? You want it?

I’m going to assume that he’s asking us what we think is a better idea, so I’m gonna vote for NPC’s.

it a request

OP is a 6 year old.