Rad bears

When the planned radiation bears and wolves?

Yeah they are going to add something like that, but im hoping its something cooler than just rad bears and wolves.

I hope that does not robots, they rust does not need

I vote for Zombies!

/runs and hides!

i vote for redux RAD animals;)

Rad animals and zombie - GOOD GAME

i vote for some kind of dangerous zombies, cant get enought of hem after playing dying light

imo new rust dont need any kind of rad-animals, zombies etc. now without this, game is more realistic; maybe mutants like in s.t.a.l.k.e.r./metro but then game need more rad-zones

If you have watched The 100 on Netflix the animal in there are cool plus the reapers in the tunnels and stuff plus just about most of The 100 i would love to see in Rust lol.

The Two Headed Mutant Deer would be an appropriate addition to Rust

monkies… with multiple butts