Rad House Bug ,and prefabs names

Rad House Bug!
get stuck in doorway of the either terrain blocking the entrance at door stuck in between door an outside and inside!
Model needs to be redone! awful!

Breakdown of Model prefabs names or entity Names…

1.Dome Sphere or Death-Star

2.Airfield w/strip

3.Rad Warehouse Either With Quarry or Not!

  1. Rad Yard - w/ cars and catwalk and Bus

  2. Rad House - Ugly 2 story House that you get stuck in!??

  3. Rad Industry Building- w. walled off and guard post or office!

  4. Satellite Up-link Dish -w/ 2 lvls of stairs

  5. Caves Can be any where!, be a Captain Caveman

  6. Lighthouses vary in locations on map

  7. Bus stops loot in general areas

Ect… to be cont later