Rad town possibilites

IMO it would be cool to see at least one rad town for each biome (depending on the map size).
Each rad town would have a different type of materials spawning in them, and the giant landmarks could be near them to tell which rad town has which materials.
Like if there is a satellite dish near the rad town, maybe that one has mostly weapons and the blueprints for it. Then another would have the water tower and might have primarily food resources; and another with construction resources or blueprints.
This would make it a little less random. Right now it feels like, beyond the initial surviving, that you have no choice but to wander around and hope you stumble on what you need. Now I’m all for wandering around and having to work for materials, supplies, and blueprints. I just think it would be nice to know there will be a rad town in the biome I’m in, and can tell if it is worth making the trip into that rad town.
I’m curious to see what will happen with the rad towns as they develop and hope there is more than just wandering around a map and randomly stumbling on a rad town where I may have to risk all I’ve done so far just for the possible result of jumping for joy or being very disappointed.
This is a good dev team so I know I will be pleasantly surprised with the result.
What would you like to see added to the rad towns?

I hope the radtowns look like towns someday