Radar Gun (Speed Checker)

Could anyone create a SWEP that, when pointed at a vehicle, gets its speed and displays it somewhere on the players screen?


you can do it with wire:p Just look it up but you will only see the speed when in vehicle when riding on a small screen, But … For what you need it ?

RP ?

Ps. Just wondering

This would be hard to do… Ill ask a buddy to try to do it.

Yes it is for RP; And RacistRace I’d be very thankful if he could =)

ooh you could record the speed of all cars with a for loop every second to a table, then when the swep left clicks it gets the car entity and finds it in the table. It then displays the speed on their HUD.

or simply get the entity you’re looking at and get its speed at that moment…

Im making this addon atm, Should be finished soon.

Test it: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=111765

Hm it doesnt seem to draw the text (The speed of the vehicle) anywhere on my screen.

It should draw in the middle of your screen. I just checked it code. It’s good code yes… If worst case… Move the drawspeed() function above SWEP:PrimaryAttack(). Else Iunno.

Making one now, since Goz3rr’s apparently doesn’t work.

I just need to find a way to display that text, and make the text remove when PrimaryFire is released. Anyone knows a function for this?

Actually I just finished mine.

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Not really sure, sorry.

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Amazingly fast guys, wow.

I might use this on my RP server.