Radbox Map

So i probably won’t come close to finishing this map but it’s something i’m doing for fun anyhow.

I’m making a map for my gamemode, radbox. It’s going to be roughly the size of the hammer grid limits (again, i probably won’t come close to finishing this but oh well).

I’ve gotten a start on the army base which will be in a small group of warehouses.

The army trader spot:

The warehouse from the outside:

A little campfire in the center of the warehouse with some makeshift seats next to it:

I’ve always wondered how people make such large maps with displacements. Do you start off by making a bunch of large tiles that are the same size then making displacements on each and sewing them?

Also, how do you properly set up a large wide open map for vvis? Do you make pretty much everything a func_detail?

any help/comments would be appreciated.

download the VMF and look around for yourself! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3310518/gmodshit/rs_wastelands.vmf

Looks good so far.

On the displacements, I would personally make one huge brush and clip it into many smaller ones that are the same size, then make them displacements.

Can you post ingame shots?

Tell you what, i’m not going to compile it since it’s just a warehouse.

But what i will do is put the VMF in my dropbox so whenever i edit it, my dropbox will update it. Feel free to download it and do whatever you want with it, just don’t release it as your own work.


I like all except the floor texture. It looks too repetitive.

yeah most of the concrete ones look shitty, and are hard to tile nicely. the lack of light inside the warehouse should help a bit.


More work on the second decrepit warehouse.

Also did a brick wall around the 2 warehouses, with some holes in it.

You can check it out yourself using the link in the OP

Looks good, but I would put more places to hide stuff in the second warehouse. It looks like it has no purpose at all right now. Like no one has bothered to do anything with it. Maybe put some bunks (the models you get in militia) around the place. Just for the appearance.

The second warehouse isn’t done yet… I’ll probably put more old vehicles in it as well as prop some of the roof panels up around the place.


So have you decided on the overal layout (besides the placement of the bases and all that)? Like, what the terrain layout will be like? It helps to plan it out beforehand.

This looks really good.

If you’re having trouble coming up with things to fill the empty room (assuming you are going to use the full hammer grid) you could just get a height map, run it through a height map > .vmf creator then put your warehouses/settlements/whatever in random places on the map.

i’m trying to make the ep2 hammer configuration (the orange box one) use CS:S props as well. How would i do that?

I combined the CSS FGD with the EP2 one and the CSS props still are errors.

You have to extract the files from the CSS GCF’s. The FGD’s only get the entities from CSS and the other engines, and the only useful one I could see from CSS in a non CSS map would be the ladder brush, which I like better than the EP2 ladder. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty of useful CS:S models. I’d prefer to not have to switch back and forth between ep1 and ep2 settings in hammer just to place models.


Open your CS:S .GCF file (located in your steam/steamapps folder) then navigate to the models file then right click the folder and extract to episode 2/ep2/models, then extract the file containing the materials to episode 2/ep2/materials, else you’ll have pink and black squares all over your pretty models.

That’s kind of hacky, isn’t there a proper way of doing it?

Nope. That’s the most proper way there is. FGDs are just hammer-side, copying to files from the GCF to either the appropriate GCF (not recommended as this will probably make steam shit brix) or the install folder is the way to do it game-side.

Just pakrat the files with your final BSP, if you want it playable in EP2. The files will automagically be imported to Gmod, if the player owns CSS (likely; I’d wager it’s the most common accompaniment to Gmod, as it comes bundled and is great for posing etc)


You think it’s hacky to use the content you paid for in the engine you also paid for from the same company.

It’s not hacky and it’s the only way without being “hacky” and “hacking” hammer.

He’s doing more than agreeing with your first point. His point of discontent is that Valve should offer some official way to cross-link files between games, and he’s right.

But the game itself is absolute shit.

I don’t understand why it’s so incredibly popular.

It’s like HL2, except worse gameplay, worse grpahics and the game is shitpacked with 9 year olds.

I understand that it can be fun, but I genuinely don’t understand the appeal.

And you shouldn’t have to pay for some average textures/models/maps.


My apologies.

Yes, hammer should be able to mount multiple Source games.

I don’t get why it doesn’t incorporate the models if you associate the FGD with it.

I looked at the CS:S configuration and it doesn’t appear to do anything different from the EP2 one apart from using a different FGD.