Radboxes Spawning and Pool

So recently i thought about how stupid those boxes actually are. If youre lucky and you finally found one you can get a Stone hatchet out of a Weapon Box.

So my Oppinion is if they keep spawn crappy items they should spawn faster.
If they Start only giving useful items Like good (tools/Weapons/Meds) and stuff the spawn time could stay.

Im playing on an 260 man server. I found one a got a torch.

Just my 2 cents

I guess some players place shitty items in boxes so they won’t respawn. Bunch of trolls.

A stone hatchet can actually spawn in a weapons box lol

also a torch

well, personally i think anything that is a default bp shouldn’t spawn in any lootbox :confused:

Like trustinrocks says, players empty the boxes but leave a torch or something crappy in there, so that they won’t respawn for other players. It’s a way of trolling…

Yeah, along with some other items most of the time. They take the good stuff and don’t take the stone hatchet or torch out.

i standed on sphere once, waiting for 4 boxes to respawn. when they spawned i took stuff from it. there was 3 military boxes. in all 3 was torch only.

We never said that they don’t spawn with shit in them.