Radec's Entry


Based on this famous cutscene in Killzone 2 :

The posing here is some of your best.

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It warms my heart to look back at your earlier stuff and see how much you’ve improved.

the camera angle leaves a lot to be desired; it’s simply too wide and leaves too much empty space everywhere around the characters, it’s like they’re framed by “Nothing To Look At”

what’s with that ambient occlusion?

Ok so the guy in the middle has a logo on his right knee, and for a split second i thought it was a Swastika, idk why i just did.

Because it’s supposed to look like one.

looks more like the “SS” symbol to me

holy shit I’d love to know where you got those killzone models from

Radec is on the workshop and the advanced shock troopers are private, you should ask Elcard100 if you want to test them