radeon 9250(((

[img]http://uppix.com/f-cp_granary0003__4d1fdac600081c52.png [/img]

Use to have that card.
You did a excellent job of editing the suck out.
Artistic for you!

Excellent first post!

thanks mate :smiley:


I think there is a lack of AA. But you have edited it out well?


Let me guys show you what a Radeon 9250 with maxed setting looks like minimally edited



I like it, but I don’t get why the Red Scout is covering his face.

Because the death is gruesome.

I bet if you were there, you’d look away too.

Freaking awesome

Maybe I would, but the Scout is a dude who I wouldn’t think would care about gore and death. He’s a Mercenary! You don’t become one if you can’t handle death.