Radiant Silvergun: The TETRA

So I’ve been working at my 3d modeling skills (something I really need to improve on), and I’ve had the urge to make a vessel from a videogame called Radiant Silvergun.

This is what I’m wanting to make (sorry about the quality of this, I didn’t upload it):

http://silver.emuxhaven.net/pictures/Opening Move/scene 3 base %26 Tetra/tetra back side.JPG

I’ve made this one so far:

I haven’t textured it yet…

I’m planning on putting this into Garry’s Mod as a prop of a kind, so I need some input. What’s good about it? What could be improved? Thanks in advance!

Based on the image, the missile battery/wing engine things on the bottom seem to stretch out too far from the craft.

I saw that, and I think I fixed that. I’m just now squandering around with textures, bleh. Thanks for the input!

From what you’re trying to do, the textures are probably going to be annoying. That, and detailed references seem to be in short supply.

Other than that, it actually looks pretty good. What’s the scale, though?

Dunno, I figured I’d just make it whichever size fits it best. Textures are almost done, actually, but they’re low quality and from the game’s actual model of the ship I’m making.

Here’s what the textures look like right now, although incomplete I like it. :smiley: