Radiated RP - Serious Fallout 3-era RP.


Radiated RP is a newly formed community with at present approximately 18 members. Radiated RP as you may have guessed from the title of the thread is a serious roleplaying community based around the concept of the fallout 3-era, we intend on its completion to have a unique script named “Radiated” to offer a new feel to the roleplaying experience. At present we only have a private testing server which we intend to turn into a public testing server in the next few days so everyone can join in the script-tests or whatever testing we may be running. The serious roleplay tag as you could say gets thrown around alot, we aim to change this harsh view and turn it around from a cliche to something that means something.

When the server goes live you can expect to see a large variety of major and minor factions, some of which will be completely new. But you can almost certainly expect to see The Enclave, The Brotherhood Of Steel and even the Chinese Remenants. Or you could just choose to become a lone wanderer striving to survive in the harsh and bitter wastelander. But all-in-all this cannot be accomplished without your help, so join today at http://www.radiatedrp.uni.cc!

Server Info
Slots: 20

Forgive the rather short post, i’ll most likely update this with screenshots, etc later on in the day when i have some spare time.

What gamemode will you be using?

You’re running sandbox on Gm_atomic and saying it’s rp…


Is this a shitty darkRP edit?

It isn’t even to the darkrp stage yet D:

As said if you read the first post. We will be using our own script made from the ground up. The present passworded server is currently a testing server, the script is not enabled on the testing server 24/7 as it is in a pre-alpha stage. When the testing server is made public then the script will be enabled as it will be in a valid alpha testing stage, at current we only have select times and dates when we use the pre-alpha script for testing.

Ultimately, this thread is to advertise the community itself and get people to join the forums and show their support for the idea, and in a sense encourage people to volunteer to assist in scripting the gamemode.

God no, it isn’t a DarkRP edit.

So what kind of script is it then? Are you modifying a current one or did you build one from scratch or… What?

He said they’re creating one from scratch. Otherwise. Awesome.

This server gets +1.