Radiation is excessive on reboot

The radiation need to be toned down a lot, I found one of the rad towns and had died from radiation before Id even got into the base.

Also, random loot kinda sucks. When loot was fixed in original rust (red animals), it meant there were centers of conflict where people would be, random loot kinda loses that.

Maybe my plugin will help :smiley:

I like new radiation levels. It is still stupidly easy to get in and out of rad towns. First get full health, as much of the rad suit as possible, and syringe. Run in, check for crates, run out. I don’t even use syringe and still have about 30 hp left.

Yeah maybe you got unlucky with a nasty rad town, but in my experience the radiation has been perfectly manageable. It only seems extreme because you dont have the rad suit (is it even fully working as rad protection?)