Radiation Roleplay

Hey guys, Thinking of getting a few of my buddies together to make a post-apocalyptic based roleplay GameMode. similar to survival… but i want it to be different… Tell me whatchya think! wrote this up in like 5 mins, sorry forr grammer errors and other stuff… open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Radiation Roleplay—Game Mode(Gmod)

Radiation Roleplay: Similar to DarkRP, Nuclear Roleplay will take place in a post-apocalyptic environment, in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Players will have to Create a new civilization while battling simultaneous Air raids and Atomic Bombs. Attempt to survive the “Great War” That has broken out across the States. Players will have to scavenge the wasteland for objects and items that could be useful in the quest of surviving. Once players find items(Ex1) They can use them to create; Food(Health), Guns (and other weapons), Construction items (Building, houses, Etc.), tools, BDS(Bomb Detection System), Anti-Radiation suits, And many other items to Aid in survival. Once the siren sounds players will have to seek Shelter(or not) within their homes(Built by themselves out of Scavenged items) and try to survive the nuclear holocaust. The siren(BUILT BY PLAYERS) will warn the players of the coming bombers, but will not inform them of the type of explosion, or where it will land. If a player has a BDS, they will know what type of Bomb is coming as well as where it will hit. The player can use this to see where He/She should build His/Her Shack(House). The Nuke will have three impact zones: The “epicenter” or HELL ZONE, the point at which the bomb explodes (ground zero) and kills everything around it, The RAD ZONE, which is the area where Players will not be killed, but Mutated(Ex2), and Third the SAFE ZONE where players will be Spared.

Ex1. Player stumbles upon a jug, a Fruit, and water, and decides to create Wine or another alcoholic beverage, which can be used as Health, and many other Perks within the wasteland including currency to be traded between characters as well as a few NPCs.

Ex2. Players Within the “RAD ZONE” Have a 70% Chance of mutation in which the Player’s entire DNA is re-written. The Mutated player is Immune to Further mutation. Making the RAD ZONE survivable(Keep in Mind the RAD ZONE is not a designated spot on the map, it is different in every bombing). The mutated Player may only be cured by A bullet to the Head, Starvation, or Disintegration from the “HELL ZONE”. Mutants will not be able to use Human weapons, but can use biological weapons given to them when they are transformed(Claw, …Tentacle…?). Mutants have to eat more food to stay alive(Yeah, there has to be some negative incentive to being a mutant or you will have minges who just want to log on and be little mutant bitches) IMPORTANT: Mutant Players are unwanted by Human Players because the mutants carry radiation with them, Therefore a human does not want to be around a mutant for too long, because they do not want to be a mutant.

Mapping: The map will be fairly large, and desolate, with Few buildings (providing little cover). Siren in the middle. (I Picture a War Torn Town in Western America, Scarred by bombs and remnants of a once prospering town, a “Modern Ghost Town” if you will)

Miscellaneous: RuckSack(Different sizes, hold more items…?) ,

WINE AND ALCOHOL: alcoholic beverages have a Great incentive in Radiation RolePlay. When a player consumes one, he has a Higher tolerance to radiation and can stand being around mutants for longer, Healing(Can go above 100) and can be used as Currency and trading colateral.


Raiding: You can create your own Wasteland Gang in order to raid other players. Items that belong to other people can be stolen only when the owner Has been Slain. (NLR WILL BE AN IMPORTANT RULE IN THIS GAMEMODE)

Voice Radius will be active.

Sounds intresting.!suggestion for the map! Make an underground Vault type thing that is very exclusive and that you have to pay alot of money to get into.

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