Radiation Sandbox - Where'd it go? Also, Hi Facepunch.

Hi Facepunch,
I’m TJ Scouser. I usually just lurk around, but I felt the need to make an account because I have a question.

Some of you might remember a gamemode that came out about a year or two ago called Radiation Sandbox. For those who don’t, Radiation Sandbox was best compared to (In my opinion) STALKER, but multiplayer. Anomalies, various monsters, faction combat, hidden loot, the whole shebang. I was trying to find a server with the gamemode, but none existed. I searched about it on Google, and all I could find was a thread with the last post in it February 2010.

My question is, what happened to Radiation Sandbox? Did it die? Are there any servers out there? Does anyone even remember it, or do I sound like a crazy person?

Well it’s been a good run.

Short Answer: Dead.

Long Answer: It is dead.

Damn shame, it was a really good time. Someone should remake it, it was pretty popular for a good while.

It’s not dead, just nobody plays it. The code still works fine.

You can still get it from google code if you know how to use SVN. There’s also a thread for it on FP here, lemme see.


That nobody plays it means that it’s dead.

There are still the odd people that host servers with it. I consider “dead” to mean that the gamemode is abandoned by everyone, including the developer, and has become unplayable due to bugs etc.

You completely abandoned it?

That’s sad, such an awesome gamemode

Well fear no more because the teletubby team are going to be hosting the gamemode. Though we are changing prices to make things less ‘KILL EVERYONE AND GET EVERYTHING’ which we had received in the past to a less deathmatch-y experience.
What happened to Radbox?
It was forgotten about.
Did it die?
I don’t think it fully died.
Are there any servers out there?
No, but there will be one opening up soon.
Does anyone even remember it?
Yeah a lot of us still do.
Do I sound like a crazy person?
Nope. Not at all

You should toss me the IP when the server is up.

I haven’t added much in a good while, not much point if nobody really plays it.

The gamemode is broken anyway, it just stops working right randomly.

On large maps like rp_apocalypse, it actually reaches the edict limit. Mainly because i was overly zealous when i created the map config file (too many props and loot spawns, etc).

If you play on gm_atomic or that other STALKER-type map you’ll find that it runs quite well.

I Think I was the last one to mess with it about a year ago, The main issue was it always turned to Death match so people got bored, And there where only 2 maps that were useful at the time. also I recall having to restart the server a lot.

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oh and the stalker map wasn’t Noded ruining the whole npc part of the Gamemode but gm_atomic you had to good of a view distance and to much open space unless you add props like I did

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Yeah the quests alone didn’t make for much fun, the real action came from player interaction but since it was so deathmatchy that really didn’t happen much.

Oh well, it was more of a proof of concept than anything.

It really depended on who was on.

Just played it for an hour or two
Amazing gamemode, I would do anything possible to keep it alive