I just have an idea to stop people from getting a sweet base and just farming off less fortunate players besides server wipes. I don’t think that radiation moves in the game and if it does then this post has no purpose. If radiation doesn’t move however then I believe it would be a good idea so people can’t just stay in one area like I said before. It doesn’t need to be radiation either, it could be other things too so tell me what you all think. Thanks.

Radiation just makes it so people can’t remain in high-value areas for extended periods of time. There’s no reason that people shouldn’t be able to build cool bases (especially in Pre-Alpha stage) and if you’re not geared up, try to evade people. Go the long way instead of walking 10 metres beside their house.

I don’t have Alpha access But I’m going to go ahead and agree with you, If you can’t farm in a populated area then just go somewhere else, The whole point is to have a cool base, I think the thread maker is probably just dying alot and doesn’t have a cool base haha.

Or just craft a full radsuit and make your base in a radzone…


I think that it would be cool when you get cold your screen would slowly gain frost around the edges. The frost would go away when you step near a heat source (camp fire or shelter). Also maybe when you’re cold for too long you take more time doing actions - as you would in real life. I’m not sure if this has already been discussed or not. I just had this idea but didn’t want to make a whole new thread for it.

Frost would be too much, this isn’t Siberia. But yea, cold should have like some shivering effect and hunger a fuzzy vision.

It’s not about

cool bases.
It’s about survival.

The whole point of building, Is what I meant to say, I’m pretty sure It’s about having a cool base you can effectively defend from raids, But Cmon who doesn’t want a cool looking base :smiley:

Nope, it’s not about survival, it’s about crafting.
Nope, it’s not about survival, it’s not about crafting, it’s about killing zombies.
Nope, it’s not about survival, it’s not about crafting, it’s not about killing zombies, it’s about killing other players and raiding bases.

There is no goal, so it’s about everything and nothing. Play it anyway you want.

Having a cool base is nice.
But I just walk around and survive just fine. In fact, I think it’s better than having a base, as no one can take my stuff when I log out, all though if I die, I lose everything.

I guess It’s a matter of opinion, For me, this game would totally be about owning a huge awesome base, But you can play it however you want that’s the best part.

no, it’s about survival

that’s the entire point of the game

But you can survive anyway you want :smiley:

I think it would be cool to have acid rain randomly appear over certain areas, making them radiated for a x amount of time.

For you. But there is a crafting/building system in the game, in case you hadn’t noticed. That kind of hints that the developers want us to craft and build, even though it’s pointless to do so at the moment.