No radiations in my server… it’s normal?

they disabled it last update.

If server admin, just goto console and type: radiation 1

Then you have it enabled again.

Yes, I can… but the other servers have radiations or not?

I mean: it is wanted by the developers or their mistake?

You should always check the devblog for news, then you would had seen that in devblog 71 they disabled radiation :wink:

I have read it… but I thought that was reactivated this week.

So for now the hazmat attire is useless.

They said it would be back the following week - which would be now. And it’s not back.

It’s really kind of lame with the radiation off. It’s like playing in god mode or using a Game Shark. The game is easy enough as it is, and the clans/chronic players will just take advantage of the situation and make it harder for the casual players to get the Radtown loot.

News flash, guys - the casual players are the ones actively purchasing the game, and supporting it’s development. Without new players (who pretty much always start out as casual players until they decide what they think of the game), there wouldn’t BE any development on the game. So it’s wise to make moves that benefit the casuals to a certain extent.

From devblog 71:


I’ve disabled radiation by default this week. The reason being is that it’s so horribly unbalanced and broken that the only thing it’s adding to the player experience is annoyance. Enjoy it while it lasts, I’ve got some ideas I’ve been working on which will make radiation behave like the hazard it’s supposed to.

Now where on saxxoo’s quoted text does it say he would enable it by this week? They made it so you can’t build around the radtown right now, and that’s good enough until they can get around to revamping the radiation. The new players can wait just like the rest of us.

No, you’re right…it just said it was “disabled this week…enjoy it while it lasts.”

To me, that suggested a 1-week timeframe, though none was specified.

I just don’t understand how people struggle so much with the radiation to the point where it was considered “OP.” I could run thru Radtowns totally naked, and all I needed to survive was a bit of food, half dozen bandages, and a campfire ready for as soon as the radiation wore off. Not hard.

It seems like a better option would have been to just buff the rad suit pieces. Oh well…as long as it comes back soon. It’s just way too EZ Mode without it. People literally just sit in the rad towns waiting for shit to spawn. Boring.

So… play a different game for a few days? The game is in active development. Nothing is balanced.

I don’t play any others, but the game is currently unplayable for myself and the rest of my Rust group (I will copy/paste my issues below), so I actually bought ARK this afternoon instead and I will be giving that a try.

My bug report…