Now I know they are working on radiation(for a while now) but im just looking for your guys ideas about it or what you think they are doing to fix it.

Apparently they are making radiations more lethal to nakeds. IMO that’s a good thing. You couldn’t approach a radtown without proper gear, which wasn’t the case until they removed rads.

I’d like to see it with a variable effect and maybe with weather involvement. Say you’re approachig a rad town and the outskirts are only slightly radiates, you can loot and scout the edges with little protection but to get in the middle needs gear or you die.

Then weather could play an effect, wind coming from the North would blow radioactive dust South so that area would be more radiated meaning you need to work out the best direction to approach or need more gear to approach from the south. Things like that.

It’d give raiding rad towns an extra level of planning and forethought instead of just run in, grab what you can and run away.