Will we ever see radiation again? Devs said they picked out radiation to rebuild it and implement it again. Now months later, we haven’t have any updates about the radiation. I personally really loved the radiation, it made it harder to run in and harvest guns and bps in boxes, the hazmat suit also had a purpose.


there is a one server i know of that has rads on! its a community server. not official but vanilla.

Hellions is the name of server!!! hype!

Yeah I miss radiation I really hope they give us an update about it.

This is my understanding of this. They need to wait until leveling is implemented so radiation could be added again. It’s kind of broken that the only way to get into a radiation zone is to have radiation protection… And you need to go inside a radiation area to get said protection.

This is just an assumption though.

so u die trying not to die

Rust in a nutshell yep.

I think admins can turn it on if they want. Although only few players want to play in servers where radiation is on. Those new looting areas like Water Treatment Plant and Power Plant are so big that it is very difficult to survive under radiation. Personally I think radiation could exist because game is too easy without it.