Radiations in radtown

Hello everybody, I have a question: It’s normal on my vanilla server the radioactivity is disabled by default ? And I can’t enable it, if I enable radioactivity and restart the server, it’s still disabled. How I enable it ?
Thx for answers.

Since devblog 71 in July, radiation is disabled by default while it’s reworked.

To enable it permanently, put

+server.radiation 1

in your server launch command.

Ok thx for the answer, but if I enable it, that not make any problem on the server if it’s reworked ? Lags or freeze or crashs ? When radiations enabled by default come back ?

The devs don’t like how radiation works as a gameplay element and they want to redo it. And it will be re-enabled by default when they turn it back on – either because they have a new version of radiation, or they changed their mind and went back to the old one. When that will happen, I have no idea.

How many rust devs is there? I have a weird feeling that its only 4 guys working on rust

So they are patching weekly. if they are 4 guys their kinda working good dont you think so?

i’m used this command at startup server script, but it is not enable radiations at server.