Radio broadcast

Hi im sorry if this is already an existing thread, but i cant find it.

How can I use wire to creat a radio broadcasting station that transmits from radio to radio.

I want this for rp games

any help welcome

I don’t think wiremod has any way to receive voice from your mic and transmit it, at least not yet.

no i dnt meen my voice just sound files iv seen it done just dont know how to do it. It worked great, everyone loved it on the server i was on. But iv searched everywere and i cant find it.

Well wire does have radios that transmit values.If you can somehow get certain values to equal/trigger certain sound files in a certain range i might work!

What iavor55 says, with Sound emitters and wire radios linked together, I think.

YEa :slight_smile: that would work. Iv made another version its a bit buggy but it does work and its alot, neater. Using E2 to play the sounds, saves spaces and also looks alot better.