Radio Communication

Some people in rust can’t use team speak or don’t like to use chat to talk to people over servers cause some people can’t see it with all the other messages going on. So I was wondering through a rad town and saw the cars in there, and I figured if they were intact people should. Be able to salvage parts like the radio.
People coulde place the radio down in their house and it would have multiple channels, the use an on off switch or key to use it and people on the same channel could here the other person.
I though it should look like an old ww2 german radio or the one truckers use.

we just use skype…

or Steam…

steam, skype and teamspeak are not solutions in my opinion, they are great for people who play together all the time, people who are already friends, or people who are in a clan.

Having radios which can use text / voice would be a huge step in the right direction, and adds immersion. Removing global chat for non admins would also improve the game and immerse the player.

but they really are solutions.
step 1) shift+tab
step 2) View players
step 3) add who you want to talk to, tell them to accept your request
step 4) done.

much simpler than implementing a radio system.