Radio tower O_o

Well i went to a one server and started building something stupid and just went with the flow. Ended up with this.

And thanks to somebody for placing those containers!

          - Barney Farm's LSD -

Would have been pretty slick if you built a base of somekind onto the bottom of it, or somekind of structure filled with fancy computers and funky readouts.



nice tower

Cant figure out why, but I actually really like it…

Should have excellent coverage

Nice tower but don’t you want to just blow up the bottom part and watch it fall?

O_O Best radio tower I’ve ever seen!

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Only radio tower I’ve ever seen! o_O

powered by dead people

this thread feels like it just came out of 2008

Oh dear, you’re right o_O

Needs more roaps

Needs more download link! :crying:

nice thread title

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omg wer can i donlod dat bas in pic 3?!!11?!1?!1

Why is the contraptions section so fucking awful?

People like you.

I got dupe of it but i dont want to upload it :smiley: too much work. But tell me where you build and i will come to give it?

Should’ve put some Wire stuff on it. E.G: Satellite, Radio, etc.

But, can it contact Nyan cat as it travels though space.