Radioactive Patrol



The shadowing on their coats and pants looks pretty good.

They don’t look that radioactive to me…

The cig bugs me the most, but the shading’s cool.

Haven’t those models been ported and released already? If they were I’d be happy to have the download link or something. Or I just remember wrong.

I don’t know what to comment of the picture. I’m sure the other guys will have comments I’ll agree with.

uploaded better versions.

washed out greens woohoo

other than the abysmal colour grading, it looks alright

Wow, thats awesome :open_mouth:
What map is it? :slight_smile:

Do you have to bump every fucking thread jesus christ

If you wanna know what the map name is, PM him or something.


Yeah, that cigarrete isn’t lining up with his mouth.