Radioactive Sandbox

v1.0 released, let this thread die.

I have 2 things. Play Stalker and wtf do you want a Gmod stalker for?!?!

for fun? i dunno, i got bored. I have nothing against STALKER, i just wanted to have a go at making something similar to it that supports multiplayer.

the whole concept behind STALKER is really easy to replicate. Making the inventory was half the battle, the next hardest thing to do will be implementing a quest system thing.

I also have a good mapper who has agreed to make a version of his map for this gamemode.

The map is here:

it’s rambo_6
I loved shitbot.

Now this is gonna be REAL damn good.
Good luck.


Don’t forget those awesome radio tracks in each of the faction’s camps.

I’m trying to go with the least amount of custom content as possible, but i’ll consider adding something like that.

The NPC dealers talk to you when you trade with them now. Pretty much exactly like how STALKER does it.

Should be cool with gm_apocalypse.

Sounds interesting Rambo, will keep an eye on this and hope it gets finished. :buddy:

Don’t forget to add more factions, since I don’t think 3 is enough…

For the day/night cycle, are you going to be having a skybox that fades from one texture to another?

It depends on the map, but yes that is how it’s done. I’ll look into that eventually.

Howabout putting some NPCs that spawn in random locations? That way the players won’t always kill each other at every opportunity, 'cuz they’re too busy fighting off antlions.

You could write a script that randomly selects a preset number of AI nodes after a certain amount of time, and spawns a random NPC at each one. Dunno if this is possible, I’m not a coder. Just a suggestion though.

I don’t want to use HL2 NPC’s, this is aimed towards more of a fallout3/STALKER style environent.

I haven’t ruled out using rebel SNPC’s though since that’s the playermodel for the Bandoliers.

I just finished coding all of the trader NPC’s. Next up i’ll probably do a weapons base and make inventory objects for weapons (so you can pick up and drop weapons using the inventory).

This could be interesting. I enjoyed playing SoC, but I hear the multiplayer is pretty terribad. This may not emulate it fully, but still could be fun nonetheless.

I wonder if night in this gamemode will be as dark as it is in stalker, because I remember that I couldn’t see shit without a flashlight.

Interesting Rambo_9

Rambo_6, next to shitbot, this is great! :v:

This looks very interesting. SO will you be able to build things which loot/items you find?

Not sure what you mean, but i’ll explain the items system.

If you’re the server owner you can add your own items to the game. The items are completely customizable.

I’ve just finished the first weapon item. Weapons are connected directly to the inventory system now, so dropping the weapon from your inventory will strip the weapon from you.

So now that the weapon system is out of the way i can get to work on something else. Probably the faction picker menu.

Here’s what the weapon code looks like, for those of you who are interested.

item.Register( {
Name = “HK MP5”,
Description = “This accurate submachine gun has a fast rate of fire.”,
Stackable = false,
Weight = 20,
Price = 300,
Rarity = 0.50,
Model = “models/weapons/w_smg_mp5.mdl”,
Weapon = “rad_mp5”,
Functions = { FUNC_DROPWEAPON },
PickupFunction = FUNC_GRABWEAPON,
CamPos = Vector(35,12,5),
CamOrigin = Vector(0,0,0)
} )[/lua]

It’s honestly the easiest thing to use, the only frustrating part is the camera position and origin sometimes being hard to align.

Awesome, great work! What’s next on the agenda, then? Fleshing out the weapon system with statistics for each gun, weapon mods, wear and repair, jamming and the like? Or perhaps the movement system, sprinting, crouching, double crouching, leaning, dragging, and so on? Player attributes and resistances? Radiation, anomalies, and artifacts? Mutants? :dance: