Radioactive Sandbox

Radioactive Sandbox a cross between roleplay, deathmatch and sandbox with a post-apocalyptic theme. You aren’t forced to kill other people, but it is an option. If you aren’t too keen about killing people then you can explore the map searching for valuable loot, or go on missions provided by your faction’s trader. The whole point is that the gameplay is open ended and entirely up to the player. There are also a bunch of convars and customizzable files that let you control how the game is run on your server. I’ve implemented a bunch of features geared towards roleplay too, so it’s entirely possible to roleplay with this gamemode.

You start off choosing a faction. There are 3 factions, each with their own strengths.

[ul][li]Bandoliers: A group of misfits that travel the wastelands looking for valuables. This faction has better selling prices at their trader, as well as increased payoffs for missions.
[/li][li]Exodus: A faction devoted to researching the environment and exploring dangerous areas looking for samples to take. This faction is the most scientifically advanced, and gives you access to various utilities including radiation filters, medication, flares and other things. These items are quite difficult to come across if you’re in any other faction.
[/li][li]W.M.A (Western Military Alliance): This faction is a group of militants seeking to dominate the wastelands. They have access to better weapons which no other faction can purchase.[/ul]
Once you have chosen a faction, you are spawned in the faction base and left to do whatever you want. You can talk to your faction’s NPC and go on a mission for him so that you may earn money to upgrade your weapons and buy more supplies, or you can go off on your own and explore the map, finding loot and attacking other factions.

Other cool features:

[ul][li]Customizable item system. Create your own items unique to your server, if you want.
[/li][li]Day/night cycles that are map-independent. All you need is an env_sun in your map.
[/li][li]Item/spawnpoint placement gun for admins, so you can make the gamemode playable on any map.
[/li][li]Weapon base that supports scoped and non-scoped weapons.
[/li][li]Dynamic radar that detects various things.
[/li][li]Quests! Talk to your faction’s trader NPC if you are looking for a quest. If you are a Lua scripter you can make your own quests too!
[/li][li]Anomalies! Inspired by STALKER, of course. There are a bunch of different anomalies, each with their own properties. Some are relatively harmless, like the Hoverstone anomaly. Some are very dangerous, such as the Vortex anomaly and the Death Pearl anomaly.
[/li][li]Mysterious and powerful artifacts.
[/li][li]Random events, such as fallout storms which force players to take cover, and rare Super-Anomalies.
[/li][li]Bleeding, radiation, and stamina system that directly affects the player. You can also get drunk.
[/li][li]Moddable! You can easily alter the team names, player models, and loads of other stuff in moddable.lua!
[/li][li]Custom player animations! Holster your weapon, salute people, put your hands behind you head like a hostage and more.[/ul]
Customizing items:

Step 1: Open items/misc.lua

Step 2: Add something like this:

function FUNC_TEST( ply, item_id, client )

if client then return "Eat" end // This is the name to show in the clientside menu

ply:RemoveFromInventory( item_id ) // Remove the item from the inventory when it's used
ply:AddHealth( 10 ) // Give the player some health or something


function FUNC_TESTPICKUP( ply, item_id )

ply:ChatPrint( "You just picked up my custom item! Item Name:" .. item.GetByID( item_id ).Name ) // use item.GetByID to get info for the item being picked up

return true


function FUNC_TESTDROP( ply, item_id, drop )

    if drop then

        ply:ChatPrint( "you are dropping this entity right now" ) // drop is only true when you are physically dropping the item - drop is false when selling or stashing an item

        return true // this is generally called for overriding the drop code - return false to make the player not spawn the prop in front of them (in case you want to do something different )


ply:ChatPrint( "You just sold or stashed my custom item!" )


item.Register( {
Name = “My New Item”,
Description = “My item is super special.”,
Stackable = true, // can you stack them?
Type = ITEM_MISC, // can be found in loot and in stores… for loot only you’d use ITEM_LOOT and for stores only you’d use ITEM_BUYABLE
Weight = 0.30, // how heavy is it (lbs)?
Price = 15, // how much does it cost?
Rarity = 0.50, // how rare is it? 0.10 is common, 0.90 is very rare
Model = “models/some_model.mdl”,
Functions = { FUNC_TEST }, // a table of functions it can perform when used from the inventory menu
PickupFunction = FUNC_TESTPICKUP, // a function called when you pick it up
DropFunction = FUNC_TESTDROP, // a function called when you drop it
CamPos = Vector(15,15,5), // modify these positions/origins if the model looks funny in the inventory panel
CamOrigin = Vector(0,0,5)
} )[/lua]

And there’s your basic item. You can remove PickupFunction/DropFunction if you don’t want your item to have any of those.

Any servers running this?

Invision Gaming Server [UK]:

Liquid Gaming Server [US]:

Give it to me!

Here's the SVN page where you can download it:

(The gamemode folder name should be radbox)



Download this if you want to be able to jump straight into a radbox server and play! Make sure you have the map as well!


Here is an informational thread on mapping for Radioactive Sandbox: CLICK ME.

If you have a map that works with radbox i will add the link here. Just post it in the thread.

Media and shit











Do you need any help?

I need mappers.

I also have some unfinished VMFs for those who want to create maps. They are in the SVN.

Something is broken!

Report it in this thread (post the error as well as a screenshot) or report it here:

What ConVars are there to use?

Here is a list of them with their default values.

[lua]// convars (server only)

CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_zombies”, “8”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of zombie NPCs that can spawn. (def 8)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_rogues”, “6”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of rogue NPCs that can spawn. (def 6)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_artifacts”, “3”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of artifacts that can spawn. (def 3)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_anomalies”, “30”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of anomalies that can spawn. (def 30)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_team_dmg”, “0”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether teammates can hurt eachother. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_dmg_scale”, “1”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls bullet damage scaling. (def 1.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_allow_build”, “0”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players can spawn props and use the physics gun. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_props”, “10”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Maximum number of props that players can spawn if building is allowed. (def 10)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_allow_loners”, “0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players spawn initially as a loner. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_custom_names”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players can name themselves. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_roleplay”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether the server uses RP chat commands. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether the server has day/night cycles enabled. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_speed”, “2.0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the speed of the day/night cycle transitions. (def 2.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_intensity”, “1.0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the intensity of nighttime for day/night cycles. (def 1.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_indoors_light”, “0.4”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls how much day/night affects you while indoors. (def 0.4)” )

// convars (usable by anyone)

“cl_radbox_character_name” - Set your RP name (if the admin has allowed them).
“cl_radbox_auto_emote” - Enable or disable auto-chat emotes.
“cl_radbox_ragdoll_vision” - Enable or disable a custom death camera.

// concommands (admin only)

“sv_radbox_dev_mode” - Gives you item/prop spawn tools for map configuration.
“sv_radbox_reset_db” - Wipe the inventory database and start fresh.
“sv_radbox_save_map_config” - Output your custom map configuration to a text file in data folder (will overwrite anything that is there already so be careful).[/lua]

Join The Steam Group!

It has a list of available servers and such.

Awesome, this looked cool before and I’m glad you’re fixing it up :slight_smile:

Yes !!!

Good luck, i want to try it if its done, because its a bit of my idea too (but unfortunately i cant script in LUA (i’ve scripted before, but lua is totally different with files and structure), and still learning trougth (from the wiki)). :slight_smile:

I can map in hammer (knows the basics and learning func_ structures), if you want i can help you with some things.

Svn doesnt work

I’m just in the process of adding a bunch of stuff, the SVN is pretty empty right now. I will be done shortly.

Do you know how to use SVN?

This was fun for a while, but I got bored of the lack of direction. Intersting concept thought.

-snip- (sorry)

the open-endedness means you have to rely more on other players in order to keep yourself interested.

i want to add more events to the game. maybe super-anomalies that cause mass destruction, or a meteor storm or something.

also some anomaly-related quests.

I’ll keep checking back on this for sure.

I updated the config file for rp_apocaypse for this!

Now you can play this gamemode on one of the creepiest post-apocalyptic maps in Gmod.

Any servers willing to run this latest version?

Oh man, I remember this gamemode. Fun times were had

I used to have a server and full rcon/FTP access so i could test all my latest additions. If anyone out there has a server kicking around and wants to be the first to have new radbox stuff on their server then send me a PM or something.

Onto the ideas, i had a handful. Firstly i want to make vodka have a slight drunk effect on you. If you drink a shitload then you become super tipsy.

I also had a few ideas for more anomalies:

  • Flash traps. Similar to flashbangs, they temporarily blind you and mess up your hearing for a while. Perhaps there could be certain flash traps that disorient you and make you super drunk.

  • Anomalous rocks. Rocks with strange properties. They might glow strange colors or have distinct gravitational properties. Mostly harmless, although some might have radioactive deposits.

  • Poisonous gas traps. Invisible to the naked eye, and highly dangerous. When triggered they quickly fill an area with poisonous gas. Possibly make these only spawn indoors in cramped areas? With the gas mask you’d be immune to these.

  • Anomalous energy. Namely plasma fire. Could be green blue or red (or anything in between). When triggered it would form a column of flames that instantly kill anything nearby.

I also had an idea for super anomalies. A random event that would occur (like radstorms). A giant anomaly will appear for a short duration. The anomaly could be a giant vortex that sucks in a shitload of stuff under it. Or perhaps a gigantic electric anomaly that rains down lightning. Maybe a gravitational anomaly field that makes everything in it have low gravity temporarily?


This is what i needed for rp_apocalyptic :D.

That sounds interesting, but I have a few requests to make. At most, I can shoot other players or trade items with players. Even trading is unlikely, because the player would rather shoot me up than trade. Could you make a safe zone, so that players have the ability to trade with one another without worry of being shot up while doing so. That way, it improves player interactions.

Also, could you give the players more tools to entertain themselves. I mean, most quests just lead to more money to purchase varying items to improve the staying/killing power of that player. Food is used to heal wounds to kill longer, equipment is used to evade radioactivity to kill for longer periods of time, guns are obviously used to kill other players. If at all possible could you improve the variety of ways that players can interact with other’s and their environment. Otherwise, it just becomes a very slow death match with strange obstacles in the way.

I know, I’m a needy thing.

Another update!

  • Vodka gets you drunk now. Moonshine vodka gets you twice as drunk.
  • Radiation poisoning is more gradual now.
  • Radioactive spots warn you before you get poisoned now.
  • Added more radioactive deposits to gm_atomic.
  • Added new random event: Super Anomaly.
  • Added 1 super anomaly: Big Vortex.
  • Hazard detector sucks less.
  • Electro anomalies can spawn indoors now.

I want to make an update and include some features that make roleplaying and crap like that more possible. If you’re a roleplayer then i want your opinions!

As it is now there are 2 chat modes, local and global. Should i add a convar that toggles “real” roleplay chat mode? Like, OOC, local and team radio only.

This gamemode has potential to replace all the crappy roleplay scripts out there. It’s got everything you need to keep an interesting server running, even without admins around. The main problem (i think) is over-the-top deathmatching which can ruin some of the fun. Should i add a roleplay mode which decreases bullet damage and makes it so it’s harder to randomly deathmatch?

Not too much roleplay, it needs to stands Sandbox. As for alernative mode its possible. :slight_smile:

If i add roleplay elements they will be in the form of convars.

Like sv_radbox_rp_chat (1/0) and sv_radbox_limit_deathmatch (1/0).

But what i am looking for is input from the RP community on what makes a RP script good. You can roleplay with radbox as it is right now, it’s just not as practical.

I dislike the global chat, are there any faction-based radios? There should be a different way to change factions in my opinion, like you spawn as a loner/unfactioned and you’d have to find a faction and do a couple jobs for the recruiter and then your able to choose that faction.