Radioactive Sandbox

(Reposting here since the last thread got lost in forum migration. There needs to be a gamemode release forum tbh.)

Radioactive Sandbox a cross between roleplay, deathmatch and sandbox with a post-apocalyptic theme. It has a very STEALKER-esque feel. You aren’t forced to kill other people, but it is an option. If you aren’t too keen about killing people then you can explore the map searching for valuable loot, or go on missions provided by your faction’s trader. The whole point is that the gameplay is open ended and entirely up to the player. There are also a bunch of convars and customizable files that let you control how the game is run on your server. I’ve implemented a bunch of features geared towards roleplay too, so it’s entirely possible to roleplay with this gamemode.

You start off choosing a faction. There are 3 factions, each with their own strengths.

Bandoliers: A group of misfits that travel the wastelands looking for valuables. This faction has better selling prices at their trader, as well as increased payoffs for missions.

Exodus: A faction devoted to researching the environment and exploring dangerous areas looking for samples to take. This faction is the most scientifically advanced, and gives you access to various utilities including radiation filters, medication, flares and other things. These items are quite difficult to come across if you’re in any other faction.

W.M.A (Western Military Alliance): This faction is a group of militants seeking to dominate the wastelands. They have access to better weapons which no other faction can purchase.[/list]

Once you have chosen a faction, you are spawned in the faction base and left to do whatever you want. You can talk to your faction’s NPC and go on a mission for him so that you may earn money to upgrade your weapons and buy more supplies, or you can go off on your own and explore the map, finding loot and attacking other factions.

Other cool features:

-Customizable item system. Create your own items unique to your server, if you want.
-Day/night cycles that are map-independent. All you need is an env_sun in your map.
-Item/spawnpoint placement gun for admins, so you can make the gamemode playable on any map.
-Weapon base that supports scoped and non-scoped weapons.
-Dynamic radar that detects various things.
-Quests! Talk to your faction’s trader NPC if you are looking for a quest. If you are a Lua scripter you can make your own quests too!
-Anomalies! Inspired by STALKER, of course. There are a bunch of different anomalies, each with their own properties. Some are relatively harmless, like the Hoverstone anomaly. Some are very dangerous, such as the Vortex anomaly and the Death Pearl anomaly.
-Mysterious and powerful artifacts.
-Random events, such as fallout storms which force players to take cover, and rare Super-Anomalies.
-Bleeding, radiation, and stamina system that directly affects the player. You can also get drunk.
-Moddable! You can easily alter the team names, player models, and loads of other stuff in moddable.lua!
-Custom player animations! Holster your weapon, salute people, put your hands behind you head like a hostage and more.

Customizing items:

Step 1: Open items/misc.lua

Step 2: Add something like this:

function FUNC_TEST( ply, item_id, client )

if client then return "Eat" end // This is the name to show in the clientside menu

ply:RemoveFromInventory( item_id ) // Remove the item from the inventory when it's used
ply:AddHealth( 10 ) // Give the player some health or something


function FUNC_TESTPICKUP( ply, item_id )

ply:ChatPrint( "You just picked up my custom item! Item Name:" .. item.GetByID( item_id ).Name ) // use item.GetByID to get info for the item being picked up

return true


function FUNC_TESTDROP( ply, item_id, drop )

    if drop then

        ply:ChatPrint( "you are dropping this entity right now" ) // drop is only true when you are physically dropping the item - drop is false when selling or stashing an item

        return true // this is generally called for overriding the drop code - return false to make the player not spawn the prop in front of them (in case you want to do something different )


ply:ChatPrint( "You just sold or stashed my custom item!" )


item.Register( {
Name = “My New Item”,
Description = “My item is super special.”,
Stackable = true, // can you stack them?
Type = ITEM_MISC, // can be found in loot and in stores… for loot only you’d use ITEM_LOOT and for stores only you’d use ITEM_BUYABLE
Weight = 0.30, // how heavy is it (lbs)?
Price = 15, // how much does it cost?
Rarity = 0.50, // how rare is it? 0.10 is common, 0.90 is very rare
Model = “models/some_model.mdl”,
Functions = { FUNC_TEST }, // a table of functions it can perform when used from the inventory menu
PickupFunction = FUNC_TESTPICKUP, // a function called when you pick it up
DropFunction = FUNC_TESTDROP, // a function called when you drop it
CamPos = Vector(15,15,5), // modify these positions/origins if the model looks funny in the inventory panel
CamOrigin = Vector(0,0,5)
} )[/lua]

And there’s your basic item. You can remove PickupFunction/DropFunction if you don’t want your item to have any of those.

Give it to me!

Here's the SVN page where you can download it:

(The gamemode folder name should be radbox)



Download this if you want to be able to jump straight into a radbox server and play! Make sure you have the map as well!


If you have a map that works with radbox i will add the link here. Just post it in the thread.

Media and shit






Something is broken!

Report it in this thread (post the error as well as a screenshot).

What ConVars are there to use?

Here is a list of them with their default values.

[lua]// convars (server only)

CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_zombies”, “8”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of zombie NPCs that can spawn. (def 8)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_rogues”, “6”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of rogue NPCs that can spawn. (def 6)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_artifacts”, “3”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of artifacts that can spawn. (def 3)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_anomalies”, “30”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the amount of anomalies that can spawn. (def 30)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_team_dmg”, “0”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether teammates can hurt eachother. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_dmg_scale”, “1”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls bullet damage scaling. (def 1.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_allow_build”, “0”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players can spawn props and use the physics gun. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_max_props”, “10”, { FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Maximum number of props that players can spawn if building is allowed. (def 10)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_allow_loners”, “0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players spawn initially as a loner. (def 0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_custom_names”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether players can name themselves. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_roleplay”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether the server uses RP chat commands. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle”, “1”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls whether the server has day/night cycles enabled. (def 1)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_speed”, “2.0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the speed of the day/night cycle transitions. (def 2.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_intensity”, “1.0”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls the intensity of nighttime for day/night cycles. (def 1.0)” )
CreateConVar( “sv_radbox_daycycle_indoors_light”, “0.4”, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE }, “Controls how much day/night affects you while indoors. (def 0.4)” )

// convars (usable by anyone)

“cl_radbox_character_name” - Set your RP name (if the admin has allowed them).
“cl_radbox_auto_emote” - Enable or disable auto-chat emotes.
“cl_radbox_ragdoll_vision” - Enable or disable a custom death camera.

// concommands (admin only)

“sv_radbox_dev_mode” - Gives you item/prop spawn tools for map configuration.
“sv_radbox_reset_db” - Wipe the inventory database and start fresh.
“sv_radbox_save_map_config” - Output your custom map configuration to a text file in data folder (will overwrite anything that is there already so be careful).[/lua]

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How do you change a server’s default gamemode? I’m new to the whole server thing.

Yay radbox

I’m hosting a Radioactive Sandbox server on, come try it out. Be sure to give us suggestions I’m already adding things to the gamemode!

Why you kick me dude? and ban?

if there are any bugs let me know and i’ll try to fix em. On certain maps (like rp_apocalypse) this game uses up almost all the edicts and causes crashing. The only way to really fix this is reducing the number of props that the map config spawns i guess.

I reccommend playing on TheGarbage if you want stability.

sv_defaultgamemode radbox

Twoski, are you updating this gamemode, if so i’m contacting the maker of the group to get control on it.

I think this is Rambo, unless I’m mistaken.

Wow, ok.

I myself have been editing the gamemode, so far I have removed the reload function on both the ItemGun and PropGun. I replaced it with a command, due to the fact that my admins often removed all props by accident while setting up on a map. I have also integrated Customizable Weapons 1.2 ( replaced network ammo counts in replace of standard ammo counts ). I also had to make custom functions for every weapon upgrade in the pack (Copied over the use functions from each and edited them). Added a console command for adding money that is usefull for testing or donators. If Rambo gave us permission perhaps we could continue the SVN (Directed at Vandooz).

Edit: I also currently own a dedicated server where I am hosting a RadBox Server ( Down untill tonight), I can host a private testing server at all times.

I would love to edit it too, but i’m currently learning the ways of (G)lua (next to that i got 2,5 year experience in PAWN so this gamemode is maybe a great learn-object). On another thing, i need to get fully contol of the group because the information on it is old.

Sounds good it’s up to what Rambo says, I have sufficient Lua knowledge to continue RadBox (Adapted from C++). I hope he gives us permission.

Didn’t work.
Said it was using base and it also said that the sv_defaultgame was invalid

If I recall correctly you set it in the server.cfg file its sv_defaultgamemode radbox, if you set it on the command line it is +sv_defaultgamemode radbox. I would try making sure that the folder you have Radioactive Sandbox in is called radbox.

Oh man, I love radbox
I hope you will keep updating it

I don’t have gmod installed currently but i’m all for adding new feature to radbox, as long as they are reasonable/useful. I’ll probably reinstall sometime soon and muck around with radbox some more.

What features would make more people want to play this?

Anomalies more frequent
More NPC’s (Reskins of same Npc’s but with different names) It will make world feel more “alive”

I may add some more anomalies for fun. Can anyone think of more interesting anomalies they’d like to see?

Maybe a mutated shrub or something harder to spot…

If anyone here wants to host a 12-24 slot server for this i’d be happy to give you new features to betatest.

I currently am hosting a Radbox server, I can host an additional one for testing. Also would you like my updated copy of Radbox with Customizable weapons integrated? They work great with the gamemode, for an NPC reskin I would first try adding snorks ( I have also created seperate zombie and rogue spawns, perhaps you could make snorks spawn at zombie spawn points but make them more powerfull and less frequent. Also the rogue NPC’s animations work fine in Single Player but on multiplayer the shoot animation seems to be glitchy.