I think it would be cool if radios were added, and you could play any song from youtube, pandora, soundcloud, or spotify.
Maybe they could have an abandoned radio station, and if it was working, people could broadcast what they wanted, whether it was music, talking, or anything.
Also, if they had phonographs, or mixtapes, you could record something, and bring it with you anywhere. You could play it over loudspeakers during a raid. You can play some soothing classical music during your chill time at home. I think this would be cool.

This would be the most anoying thing anyone has ever suggested imo! It’s bad enough with trolls broadcasting shit when they are about and you are trying to listen to footsteps or your friends.

This stuff woud cost a shitload of money for licenses.

This is actually a very true statement. At the same time, it “could” be no different than what we have now have with the integrated newman voice. If someone put their mic on a music source and hit V, they are technically broadcasting anyway. And I have witnessed people doing this.
I also remember awhile ago that this topic was mentioned. It was requested that a station of sorts be put in so that it could be used to broadcast over the map. Most thought this would be annoying and felt that it could be a huge pvp area because everyone would be attempting to kill the person broadcasting because of the annoyance.
As I said then, I am not sure this would have a positive effect and the effect of the broadcast would really be a cosmetic additive.