Radius - Simple HL2RP Game Mode [I made this for you!]


[release]Radius is a HL2RP game mode developed by UGC (ug-clan.com), we’ve been working on this for about a week now, and I feel as though we’ve come to a point where it is presentable and playable. The project is currently in an alpha stage of sorts, it certainly doesn’t reflect our final version. We’re happily open to constructive criticism, but try to keep the useless complaints away. The idea behind Radius was to keep the game mode as simple as possible but having key role play features in place. Let it be noted that this is not a release thread, we’re simply showing off our game mode, release is still under debate. If any bugs are found please post them here or PM me.[/release]

Feature list: (Updates almost every day)
[release]Simple character creation system
Character name and physical description
Multiple character support
Basic chat commands: ooc, looc and /me’s, /w, /y, /roll
Inventory system which saves on relog (Each item has it’s own data, i.e durability)
News, commands and rules menu
Door ownership (Semi-functional;WIP)
Clothing system (Functional;WIP)
In-game faction application system (NPC instead of forums)




Want to help?
If you’re at least semi-experienced, we could use your help! Radius is currently being worked on by one man (ArmageddonScr, not me, I’m a lazy ideas guy), we’re looking for 1-2 people who are able to…

  1. HUD and UI. Although our current HUD and MENU’s aren’t bad, it’d be nice to get somebody to work on those and make them look “nice and pretty”.
  2. General LUA. Having another coder on the project could make the burden easier on our main coder.
    If you’re interested in any of these PM me. It is volunteer work and you will not be paid, it’s strictly to help us and get involved.

We currently have a testing server up that players can feel free to play on. Although it is in alpha stage, it is still role play, try to be as serious as possible.
If that image doesn’t work for you, connect to

SAM6420 - Useless ideas guy, runs UGC.
ArmageddonScr - Developer
Chessnut - Developer


Not much has been put in to “looks” as of yet.

Nice to see something different in the roleplay scene, at least.

Finally some competition for Clockwork! :v:

I have connect to your server, this sounds good, but I have found some glithches:

  • Everyone can spawn entities;
  • Everyone can take weapons from the spawn menu;
  • Weapons are very glitches (the CSS ones).
    Keep your work up. =)

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There is a code if yo want to fix the entities, it allows only admin to spawn them:

function GM:PlayerSpawnSENT( ply, class )
	if( ply:IsSuperAdmin( ) ) then return true; end
	return false;

I think this will work, put it in init.lua

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And here is for the weapons:

function GM:PlayerSpawnSWEP( ply, class, wep )
	if( ply:IsSuperAdmin( ) ) then return true; end
	return false;

If that don’t work, tell me, thanks.

function GM:PlayerSpawnSENT( player, class )
return player:IsSuperAdmin() or player:IsAdmin();

function GM:PlayerSpawnSWEP( player, class, wep )
return player:IsSuperAdmin() or player:IsAdmin();

Yep, Your one is better!

Thanks. :v:

Once we start selling this bad boy at 49$ a pop, you’ll see.

Thanks, I’m sure this will come handy.

Thanks a lot! :v: Those will be fixed asap.

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Oh, and it doesn’t REALLY matter if the CSS items are “glitchy” as we won’t be using any of them.

I think I broke your roll system.



Scratch that, your command system.

I think you’ll find that a few threads down :wink:

I came across that exact type of thing when I was fixing some gamemode for this kid. I learned he was using some type of module called “ChatCommands” or something.

It was easily broken by taking the command that accepts arguments, and just type the command with no arguments(As you did in the screenshot)

Lol then nobody can use the chat commands :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually made my own thing for the chat commands.

…Which is probably why it stopped working.

Strange, any idea how this could’ve happened? Netsurfers was way off about his assumption, haha.

I don’t know, but do it has console command, you won’t get this bug.

I understand that you haven’t put any effort into the GUI features of the gamemode, but these days that’s about all that people care about.
You should really add in some more chat commands, and focus on improving the GUI elements (otherwise this will never be taken seriously).

Anyway, good luck with this gamemode. If you keep working on it, I’m sure it’ll become a lot better.

The unfortunate truth.

Did you purposely name it after one of the two large bones of the forearm? Or is this just a coincidence?

I’m pretty sure it’s a coincidence