Radtown loot issues

The lootable boxes in rad town occasionally seem to spawn under/inside the pallets they should be standing on, making it impossible to loot them half the time…

just fyi

At least you’re getting rad town loot. Rad towns are spawning nothing on the server I play on. Once the loot was cleared out after the update, nothing has respawned. I’m one of the admins, so I’ve tried flying under the map, looking inside other objects, etc. Nothing. Not even trash cans and barrels.

It’s been the same on the server I play on. Looted a rad town about 16 hours ago, and no respawns since.

There seems to be zero acknowledgement of this issue from Facepunch to date. No mentions of it in their twitter feed, etc. I hope they can get this fixed. This really breaks the game if there’s no loot available for people to pick up.

I shall refer you all to the latest development blog, this problem is clearly acknowledged and they are doing something about it, they have already fixed barrels spawning underground.

This is a quote from the devblog change log “Fixed barrels in radtowns sometimes being spawned underground”

FYI - there is your zero acknowledgement.

I think what is happening for us in this thread is something different. It’s not a matter of things respawning underground, things just aren’t respawning at all.

You should perhaps read the whole story and get the information straight before trying to prove someone wrong, as your comment shows you have absolutely no knowledge of what the actual problem we’re reporting is or what the devblog post related to.

Before yesterday’s update, barrels were spawning underground at the airfield only. As an admin, I was constantly busting these underground barrels to make them (hopefully) spawn above ground. I’ve been doing that for the past 6 weeks now several times a day. Otherwise, the airfield worked normally, spawning several above ground barrels and loot crates. All other rad sites were unaffected. This is what they referred to in the devblog - an old, 6 week old problem admins have been dealing with.

Since yesterday’s update, there is no loot in ANY rad towns on many servers. No crates, no barrels. no trash cans. And barrel spawns everywhere else on the map (near roads, monuments and caves) are nearly non-existent. Nothing is spawning underground, inside structures, etc. Admins (including myself) have checked. The radtowns are simply not spawning loot at all.

This is the NEW problem that we’re reporting in this thread and trying to get fixed. The only link it has to what you’re saying is that the fix they implemented yesterday ended up breaking things worse on several servers.

And the latest hotfix seems to have fixed everything. At least on the server I play on, the loot and barrels are back in towns!½

Was there another hotfix today? Because I know the one from last night did nothing on our server.

I’m at work atm, so can’t check for myself. I was home a few hours ago for lunch and our rad towns were still barren.

Yup, one was released around an hour and a half ago. Seems to have fixed radtown loot spawning and these new clothing items introduced in newest patch being finally craftable.

After the latest update on my server there are barrels and trash can but no crates in rad zone.

Edited: …time to time… now the crates are spawned, is OK

Well, let’s hope that they fix that as well. Although just having SOME loot in rad towns is an improvement.

No rad boxes spawning at all on my Hapis server even after both of today’s updates :expressionless:

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Scratch that, they just started respawning… Guess there was quite a delay!

Yup. Working on our server as well. Nice to see this taken care of.

Yeah, I’m guessing its a reaaallly long respawn. I haven’t seen anything in my radtown for about 6 hours now.

You’re probably losing out to someone else looting the town. Maybe the glitch isn’t 100% fixed yet for all radtowns, but tonight I was able to loot both radtowns that were previously completely empty of boxes. Even saw some more barrels than before the glitch was fixed.

Keeping an eye on the map (modded server) and the console which shows a lot of errors in auto spawning barrels in radtowns, however the barrels on the roads seems mostly unaffected by the issue.

Been fine on the server we play on since they applied the latest hotfix. Took probably 10-20minutes to start seeing the boxes and stuff spawn, but otherwise everything back to normal.