Rag Dolled Tongue

Most of you know about the tongue of Jaanus as I so affectionately have come to call it.
It has pleasured many male and female models over the years. The problem was that is was a prop and not subject to the laws of gravity. This has now been remedied.

Here is the new tongue, rag dolled and flexible in all its glory.



Credit and honor to Jaanus for making the original.
Credit and honor to Haxxer for making the new improved version.
And honor to me for pestering Haxxer to do this. Now let the sex pose remarks commence.

A tip for the beginners!

Turn off the physic beam when posing the tongue, or else you will have a hard time.

I need to stop downloading models I know I’m never going to use.

Man would this be a bitch to pose…I wonder if it’s possible to rig it like fingers…

Dean is gonna be happy

Tried that, I still wonder why it didn’t work

I will make a masterpiece with these sometime.


The possibilites :q:


Ya would be better off doing that. Possible too.

ho ho interesting release

Cool, might see some poses with this.

Pretty easy to pose actually.

Not really, you’re over-thinking it. Set it to the pose you want, statue, grab it, position it accordingly.

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What model is that?



Very detailed and nice, this is going to be useful! Have to make someone bite off and then eat their own tongue…

The choices, oh the choices…

Or alternatively, have some psycho cut it out. (Like in the Pirates of the Caribbean thing, one guy was missing a tongue and yet he managed to teach his parrot to talk for him)

this and the ragdolled penis are a win formula http://www.facepunch.com/threads/978692-Penis-Ragdoll-!