Ragdoll AI

Well, maybe not AI, but maybe an addon that will make ragdolls talk when picked up, shot, smashed, etc. Like hurt sounds, but when you shoot a ragdoll in the leg or something, they say “Ow” or “My leg!” and depending on the ragdoll. Also the mouth should open and close when they speak. And make a ConVar “mp_ragdollspeak 0/1” Thanks in advance.

They wouldn’t be ragdolls, they would have to be Sents…if they were ragdolls then everytime you shot a dead body the sounds would play.

I could live with that.

They wouldn’t be Sents, they would have to be ragdolls…if they were Sents they wouldn’t be able to have multibone physics.


I just realized something it could be a Sent, if you still think I’m wrong then look at Sakarias’s Combine Mech, its a Sent and it uses a ragdoll. You would just have to do some contraints I think.

This can be done without SENTs, but not without ragdolls.

If I use a ragdoll model for a Sent it is not a Ragdoll…its is a Sent using a Ragdoll model…

OP just ask Sakarias or look at his combine mech code.