Ragdoll being shown as effect

I am trying to port over a model from a unity game to gmod with little success. I have rigged it to a ValveBiped skeleton and set up a QC but when I spawn it in, it keeps being spawned in as an effect. I will post the QC below. I think the issue may be that there’s not a physics/collision mesh but I have no idea.

$modelname "baronsmodels/abe.mdl"

$model "abe" "abe_reference.smd"

$SurfaceProp "flesh"

$Contents "solid"

$MaxEyeDeflection 90

$cdmaterials "models\oddword\abe"

$IncludeModel "m_anm.mdl"

$CBox 0 0 0 0 0 0

$BBox -18.76 -51.992 -6.592 19.667 52.052 84.886

$Sequence "ragdoll" {
	fadein 0.2
	fadeout 0.2
	fps 30

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

There’s your answer.

You are simply compiling it with no ragdoll properties. Right now you are telling studiomdl to compile a static model, not a ragdoll.

Ah okay, how would I go about giving it ragdoll properties? Also, thank you for the support :slight_smile:

Well you yourself said, that it’s missing a collision mesh. Make one, add it in your qc and it should work.

Here’s an example ragdoll.qci taken from Valve’s source files for male 06:

Here’s another example ragdoll.qci taken from Valve’s source files for Zoey from L4D2 which is more up to date:

Here’s a custom ragdoll qci I built and modified over time that kind of combines both of the above along with custom values:

Look over these and try to get an understanding for how it works, then use one of them as a starting point and just mess with the values. You can use modelviewer and head over to the physics tab to mess with constraint values in real-time.