Ragdoll Bone Poser

I have used several animation packages on Garrys Mod. The one I’ve found that I like to use the best is Directors Mod. You can find that here, I have recommended it a few times in different threads.

In Directors Mod, you assign a mark to the ragdoll or object you want to manipulate, then pose and set keyframes for the animations. This is a pretty decent way of doing things. It also allows you to pose flexes like faces and the inflator tool. You may also start multiple animations at once, enabling you to create a character who looks as if they’re breathing, talking, and moving like a normal person would (if you don’t suck)

Anyway, my request is not related to Directors Mod, except that it would make posing ragdolls much easier for anything that should require posing (like Directors Mod).

The idea is that you would have a toolgun that would enable you to click on a specific part of a ragdoll’s body. The editor then enables you to take control of the yaw, pitch, and roll of that part. After you’re finished (perhaps by clicking a button or pressing activate) it freezes that part.

Originally I had thought that it would be neat if it had a similar method of posing on x, y, z to Fighter Maker on the PSX. I couldn’t find a video of Fighter Maker editor, but I do have one for fighter maker 2, which is similar. Skip to 5:22 to get to the start of the X,Y,Z editing.

If you’ve got anything to add to this, add it below.