Ragdoll car

On constructivenews.com in the From minge_bag to mingebag post someone mentioned a ragdoll car. Is it still in gmod? If not where could i find it?

Statue + Wheels = ?

I’ve never tried it but I guess you can just pose ragdolls, statue them and add some wheels :?

You guys don’t understand what he wants.


This is the article he’s talking about. If you scroll down to Garry’s Mod 5, it shows a reddish car with a ragdolled trunk door thingie.

I know there’s a blue cart with these abilities, but I have never seen a car.
Try to search for it or something

There are physics cars in Gmod 10
Look in the HL2 Vehicles section

Yeah. These were the big deal in that HL2 level where a gunship starts shooting the shit out of all the cars on the road. Their trunks, doors, and hoods flap around when hit.

As waffle said, they are in the HL2 vehic tab.

I’m not sure why Garry put the ragdoll car in a category of its own in the first place in the early GMod versions. It’s not exactly special.