Ragdoll Collision Crashing


I’m currently having a very frequent issue involving NPC ragdolls. Basically whenever the ragdoll of an NPC collides with another physics object, the game will immediately disconnect (this is singleplayer) with the message “Disconnected: .” (That’s the only message I get; a period). This doesn’t always happen, however, but it seems to occur most frequently whenever there are 10+ NPCs spawned and whenever the ragdoll of an NPC crashes into another physics object with moderate-high force.

Some other details are that I have CMasta’s dismemberment mod enabled, but the issue occurs with both gibbable and non-gibbable NPCs, I always have phys_pushscale set to 5 or 10, and the crashing to the menu occurs when an NPC ragdoll hits anything with physics; other ragdolls, props, other entities, etc.

Again, this doesn’t always happen. If I have just two NPCs spawned, I can ram them into each other or other objects without the crashing occurring (mostly, I assume), but with more spawned, then I run a significantly greater risk of the crash happening.

Any information or help is greatly appreciated.