Ragdoll collision model problems (v3 or something?)

Yohey, Hax here with another wonderful collision problem for you guys to help me solve!

I recently ported the gunship from ME2 and I wanted to create a collision model for it. I used a ragdolled model I found in the ME2 files and then simply created boxes around the body/fins, etc. Then when I compiled:



They are separate boxes, all of them.

I have tried to have all of the boxes set to different smoothing groups or the same smoothing group, flip normals etc etc, to no avail.


You can be hitting the collision object limit, the swatch to uncap the limit is -fullcollide i believe.

Make sure all of the boxes are assigned to the same smoothing group, you might want to select all of the faces and press ‘clear all’ first.

Make sure the body is all separate boxes, and that you have the command $concave in your .qc

I compiled with fullcollide, but it stays the same.

Here’s my QC:


And yes, they are all separate boxes. No extrude or anything.


Thing is that I don’t really get any error:

Processing jointed collision model
Base                     (212 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 20839980.00
Right_flap               ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 100497.87
Left_flap                ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 100497.84
FK-04                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 342350.34
FK-06                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 169423.75
FK-10                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 342350.41
FK-14                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 169423.83
FK-16                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 12249.56
FK-17                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 12249.56
FK-18                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 76417.88
FK-27                    ( 20 verts, 1 convex elements) volume: 43242.31

Aren’t you supposed to give them all a single smoothing group and attach them into one object?

It’s a ragdoll. Hence:

$collisionjoints "gunship_phys.smd" {
        $mass 1200.0
        $inertia 10.00
        $damping 0.01
        $rotdamping 1.50
        $rootbone "Base"
        $jointconstrain "Right_Flap" x limit -0.00 0.00 0.00
        $jointconstrain "Right_Flap" y limit -30.00 30.00 0.00
        $jointconstrain "Right_Flap" z limit -0.00 0.00 0.00

I’m at a loss, try removing $concave.

The tail flaps are causing the problem.

Nope sorry

Each joint only gets a single collision thing. So that entire fuselage is assigned to one bone, right? So it generates a single concave object for that joint.

Aw damn.

I thought it worked if you don’t attach them together, but instead have the 12 parts separate and all rigged to the one bone.
Might be wrong there, but I coulda sworn I’ve had multiple convex collision objects attached to the same bone before.

I modified the body collision. It might be hard to pose, but it sure is an improvement from the last one


Just give the tail another joint but make it really stiff.

I don’t think that is true. If you look at the buggy’s collision model it is a complex shape and is rigged to only one bone. It is made up out of a few simple shapes that are not connected to each other and I’m pretty sure they all have one smoothing group.


If I’m wrong it might be because ragdolls compile differently than other models to keep lag down or something.

There could be some special workaround that somebody around here knows, but whenever I’ve tried (and I have tried) I can only get each joint to have a single collision.