Ragdoll Control

So I’ve recently reinstalled GMod and have been playing for the first time in a while. One of the first mods I downloaded was a version of Ragmod I’ve never seen before, featuring some control over the ragdoll (flopping along, twitching, surf mode if activated while standing on a prop).

I found this awesome, but something seemed missing…

Getting to the point, what I’m looking for is this.

-A bindable command to ragdoll/unragdoll at will.
-Control over ragdoll:
–WASD to make hands and head of ragdoll fling in that direction, relative to camera (look up and press w flings upwards)
–Shift + WASD to fling entire ragdoll
–Mouse1 and Mouse2 to cause the corresponding hand to latch onto a surface, allowing dramatic one-hand cliffedge hanging, and possibly crawling/climbing
–Activate would do its normal thing
–Reload would respawn the player

That’s all I’m really looking for, and I hope someone out there might be willing to do this. It couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

Ragmod 2 v4 does that im pretty sure. :wink: