Ragdoll death problem

I have problem whit custom NPC and even whit CS:S player models wen i even have the game.
The PROBLEM is wen a NPC/PLAYER whit custom or CS:S player model gets killed it won’t go in Ragdoll it just keep standing there and i have no idea how to fix it i have download the the Game again and seam whit CS:S and Custom NPC/PLAYER MODELS and it still don’t work.
So if you are a kind person can you help my :3

Welcome to the club, my friend. I’ve been having issues like this for weeks, and Help & Support just seems to pass us over.

There are a couple of reasons why this might happen, but it’d be good to get a few more details

For one, are the CSS ragdolls not working on singleplayer, or on someone’s server?

And do the custom player models of yours actually come with ragdolls?
It’s entirely possible for a player model to be released without a ragdoll version, since it’s a seperate model.

And whilst you’ve said you’ve reinstalled Garrysmod, did you also uninstall all Workshop addons? If you didn’t it’d just redownload everything as soon as you relaunched it.

CSS ragdolls isnt working in servers and singleplayer and yes i reinstalled whit deleted addons and for sure CSS models have ragdolls i don’t need custom Ragdolls/NPC that much so i only want to fix the CSS problem