Ragdoll Dismembering?

Hey. Uhm. Hate to ask but I can’t seem to beable to find a Ragdoll (Not the NPC’s Dead corpse) Dismemberment addon… is there even an addon? If so please link me? I looked and I can’t seem to find it.

next time, search with your eyes open. (took me 5 seconds to search)

That’s for Npcs. I need one for Ragdolls. I already have that one. I’m trying to carve up this Blue Link Ragdoll just to have his Torso for a Picture I was going to take with it being held up by Green link (Blue armour get kinda thing). I keep trying the Deflate tool but I keep locking the game up.

That’d require seperate models, you can’t just download an addon and expect it to cut a model up, re-compile it and generate the correct files, so take this to the modelling section and ask if anyone can make the torso for you.

Oh well lame… figured it would of been as “easy” as the Npc dismemberment.

No because they’re models, it’s not easy modelling you know…

Thanks for the info, though after 8 crashes I finally was able to deflate all of his limbs to just the torso. The Picture came out real well. Oh well. Thank you.