Ragdoll Eyes Problem

I managed to get some ragdolls i used to have in old gmod fixed into 13,but it happens their eyes are somewhat scrambled upon spawn (like…one eye to right,other smoothly to the left ._.),instead of both eyes in center.
So…can anyone tell me any way I can fix them? Ty >.<

Sounds like an issue with the ragdoll itself. And what do you mean “fixed” for GM13?

I know its a problem w the ragdoll…that’s why I came here,cuz i don’t have any idea how to actually edit those eyes or anything T-T
And by “fixing them into 13”: for some reason,they weren’t spawnable…until some days ago,when i finally realized it was a problem in the spawnlists lol

This is not the correct section then. Try the modeling section.

Sry,i’m not used to use Facepunch often,so i forget about most section. Thx pal o/