Ragdoll Fight - Punch your friends anywhere. Almost

Sooo this thing is inspired by all these silly ragdoll fights from various gmod videos (especially that mortal kombat fight scene from Mass Defect video).

What is this?

An arena entity for sandbox, that you can put almost anywhere you want. Inside this arena you can do 1v1 fights with anyone who also gets inside this arena.
Fights look silly and weird, hence why I mentioned inspiration from gmod videos.


**- Simplified yet playable 1v1 fights with ragdolls. You have a bunch of various moves too

  • Powerups (obviously inspired by Mortal Kombat) for comebacks. When you take damage - you charge your power-up meter, so you can use these to fight back
  • X-Ray moves. There are a bunch of xray moves that deal a lot of damage and also look kinda cool
  • No special maps required. You can place this arena almost anywhere, so you can get a nice view in background
  • Some of playermodels might break and twist themselves into weird poses, but don’t worry. You have a special button (left ALT by default) that can fix your spine and make your day better. You can also taunt your opponents with it



Any plans on updates?**

Just bug fixing and maybe some more xray moves


holy shit why is it all in one file :open_mouth:
good job tho, this is dank af

was going to ask if you had put it on github, but then I saw the single 270kb lua file :what:

but this is really cool

Holy shit this is amazing. I am definitely going to be trying this out with friends. Awesome work!

A-maze-zing :v:
Idk this even possible

Got some stuff in the new update:

Training bots without AI

Can be only spawned by admins inside an arena on a local (or not) server. They won’t do anything unless you use one of these commands:

  • rf_bot_add - add a bot inside the arena. Bot will disconnect once arena is removed

  • rf_bot_toggle_attack - force bot to attack

  • rf_bot_toggle_grab - force bot to grab

  • rf_bot_toggle_jump - force bot to jump

  • rf_bot_toggle_crouch - force bot to crouch

  • rf_bot_toggle_block - force bot to block

  • rf_bot_toggle_mirror - force bot to follow your actions. Overrides all comands above


Now you can press E on a full arena to properly spectate anyone inside. You still will be able to move around, but your view will be locked to arena where you can see UI and xrays.
To stop spectating press undo button.

Some hooks for devs

RagdollFightPlayerJoinedArena( Player pl, Entity arena_ent, Integer arena_slot )
RagdollFightPlayerAbandonedArena( Player pl, Entity arena_ent, Integer arena_slot )
RagdollFightPlayerWonMatch( Player pl, Entity arena_ent, Integer arena_slot )
RagdollFightPlayerWonRound( Player pl, Entity arena_ent, Integer arena_slot )

Other changes and stuff

  • Players can now exit arena by pressing undo button
  • Other players no longer can grab arena/fighters with physgun
  • Added few more xray moves like this:


This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on Garry’s Mod, ever.

Golden dude, really did a good job.